Nykaa Skingenius skin perfecting & hydrating compact in 03 warm honey

Monday, October 09, 2017

Nykaa is on a roll when it comes to launching makeup. Every other week I see them introducing something new, but today I am going to share my thoughts and findings about their compact powder which was released quite some time back. I have used it thoroughly, hit pan and then penning down this review.
When I bought it, around 5-6 months backs, there were only 3 shades available, 03 warm honey being the darkest one. I saw some of the swatches available online and thought 03 would suit me perfectly, as 02 Rose Beige looked far too light. But I was wrong!

Priced at Rs 525 for 9 gm of products is a little pricey. Available only at Nykaa website.


Listed in the picture above. What I appreciate that it contains Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, which will hydrate your skin. It has light reflecting particles (mica) mentioned in the ingredients list, but I did not spot them. Neither do they show up on skin. Maybelline Fit Me Compact has it and it shows up beautifully on skin. It does give a lit from within look. But the one Nykaa one fails, at least for me.


I would say without a doubt that I do not like the packaging at all!. It has a nice mirror and there are two compartments to hold the compact and the sponge. But the compartment holding the sponge do not open with ease. You have to pull the lid with mirror way back for the compact case to lift up to create a gap between the compartments. And only then you can retrieve the sponge. There is no other way. Somehow the packaging does not look sophisticated to me.

Texture and fragrance

True to it's claim, very silky texture. The powder is very finely milled, glides on skin with a powder brush effortlessly. But with the sponge you would have to use dabbing motion to apply. For a high coverage, application with the sponge is advisable. For sheer coverage, a good dense brush would do. The texture overall is very crumbly. When I bought it first, I had received a very damaged product, later Nykaa did replace it. But when I hit pan from the middle (which was after only countable uses), it has started to crumble off from the edges in chunks. The pan now is very messy and I have to be very careful while opening it, to avoid it from falling off. This does not happen though, with my very favorite Fit Me powder or even with other Maybelline and L'oreal compacts.

Has a very light perfume fragrance which you can not even smell while during application, something which I truly like. I just cannot stand, powders and compacts with heady fragrances.

My thoughts

The powder does give a matte finish during application, ( do note I have a very oily skin ) but this does not control oil. After a while, when my skin gets a bit oily, the pigments in the powder oxidizes and makes my skin look terribly dull. I usually put it on on top of my sunscreen before heading off to office, and by the time I have reached office, my skin looks extremely dull and tired. Then I started using the powder after reaching office, washing my face off and then putting it on. I stay in AC all day, then too after an hour or so, my skin starts to look very dull. Every time I have used it, I have friends coming up to me and asking if I am unwell, my face looks dull. A compact should not do that right!

Just as I wrote earlier, I thought 03 warm honey would suit me as I am a NC42 in MAC, but whilst using it, I noticed that I was wrong. During application it actually looks exactly like my skin tone. One can not even make a difference if I am wearing any pigmented powder. But give it an hour, this oxidizes badly on my skin. I think 02 Rose Beige would be suitable for me after it oxidizes, but honestly I do not want to waste Rs 545 just to see if that shade would work. I wish I could post swatches, but it was not showing up on my camera.

If you have flawless skin to begin with, which on the drier side or normal, then I feel this might work for you. But for oily skin, it did not work at all for me. It will not cover pigmentation, acne scars. And layering it will end up looking a bit heavy on skin and very unflattering.

Every skin is different and every product reacts or adjusts differently to different skin. I have read many good reviews about this product, may be it would suit you. But from from oily skin's perspective in general, I do not think this would work satisfactorily.

Until next time, have a nice day!

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