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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Biotique Fragrance Royal Saffron Review

Hey All, how you all are doing ?

Today I am going to tell you all about a tiny problem at my household. It's the case of vanishing of my expensive perfumes.

 My husband does not like to shop for deodorants or any other hygiene related products and relies blindly on what I get for him. And both of us do not use aerosol deo sprays for our daily use. That man does not care if its a men's perfume, women's, kids or even very expensive. If it smells good, it works for him. 

Usually most people save their expensive perfumes only for special occasion. But nope, not for my man. If he likes it and if he spots it in arms reach, he will use it even if he is just running errands. And I was totally unaware of all of it. Hence, I never noticed that my expensive perfumes were slowly vanishing, until one fine day, to my horror, suddenly a bottle looked half empty. When confronted, the cats were all out of the bag and lesson learnt for me. So I always keep cheaper alternatives for daily use, very much in stock, which both of our noses would appreciate. 

Biotique is one such low priced recent addition. First of all, how happy are we that our childhood favorite brand had spread its wings and added new feathers. Their perfume collection is a relatively new one with six options to chose from. I chose to try the Royal Saffron, without even running through the options and reading any reviews, only because of the name. Royal and saffron, nothing can top this, can it ?

Priced at Rs 699 for 50ml, I feel is very very affordable and will suit everyone's budget.

Biotique Fragrance Royal Saffron Review


Love the simple yet elegant square bottle with gold cap.


Just as the name itself got me way over excited, when I used it for the first time I was equally disappointed. From the name, my expectation was, that this would smell divinely (or to some extent) of saffron. But rather it smelled very sweet floral, quite heady and flat. The floral fragrance completely overpowered the delicate aroma of saffron which one can barely sniff any.


Medium. In hot and humid climate you need to spray is all of our pulse points.


Does not last very long hours in hot and humid climate with a lot of sweating. When staying indoors in AC, only then, I could sniff a faint floral scent on my pulse points by the end of the day.

So, do I finally like it ? Umm... not so much actually and it is only because of its flat very sweet floral scent. Don't get me wrong, I do love floral fragrances, they are my favorite kind. But I like more crisp, light and airy fragrances. Strong, heady sweet smelling ones I detest. 

Having said that, I do want to try the other variants though, to see if they suit my taste. Because, I do feel that at such an affordable price, these are quite decent. And if you like sweet floral scent then you would probably like it. Perfumes at the end of the day are very personal and what my nose do not like might end up being your favorite.

Did any of you try any other variants, if so which one do you think is best of the lot. Do let me know.

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  1. too bad
    atleast they are using some essential oils in it & it's not completly chemical

  2. Never knew Biotique had perfumes. This seems super affordable. Will pick up one...

  3. wish the smell lasted longer
    sounds good for the price

  4. Mere ghar me bhi yehi haal hai, isliye apna favorite perfume main hide karke rakhti hu 😊
    Kuch din pehle hi mujhe is perfume k barey me pata chala ,per long lasting nahi hai 👎👎aap Rasasi ka Blue for men try kar sakti hain affordable range me 👍👍

  5. That's interesting! Can you please share more about it? Thank you.
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