The savior for us girls, when Aunt Flo visits town ?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Elize cotton sanitary pads review

These days finding unique products to try has become quite an easy task all thanks to target marketing and sponsored links in social media. I am sure most of you women would have seen this brand flashing on your Facebook page. Well, thank Lord that it did at least for me. Because I am a woman who suffers from PCOS and PCOD and it's just cray cray!! Gosh, the acne issue, hair thinning, weight gain, and dear Lord the terrible mood swings along with a very angry Aunt Flo when she is visiting ( if you know what I mean).

I have tried, and I am sure most of you girls have also, the many options of sanitary napkins available in Indian market. And I am sure like me, you also have different options for different days, as not all days are the same. For my PCOD my lady down there is quite a high maintenance, she is very sensitive to strong fragrances, she needs soft materials which would not cause her irritation. To please her I have used so many varieties and none could please her completely. Most of them gave itchiness similar to yeast infection. And none of them could counter the odor issue to my likeness even if they are loaded with perfumes. And Oh, how much I hate that typical sanitary napkin scent!! Most of them do not feel soft and feels a little uncomfortable as well. Only tampons makes me feel free but then the worry of TSS is too scary for me to handle. So I do not use them quite often. Then there is the issue of disposal when I am travelling and need a change. I need to carry a paper or a polythene to do my business. Quite the hassle!! Seriously, the real problems of being a woman.

Then along came Polly, as a Facebook ad on my wall. And their claims are all my needs. But boy are they expensive!! The trial pack which comes for Rs 399 for a pack of 8, thrice the price a regular woman might spend on napkins each month. I did not know if it will at all suit me, so decided to go with the trial pack.

Elize cotton sanitary pads review

I am going to straight away tell you that I love everything about it. The packaging is neat, elegant and very feminine. They have this blue box which they give with their 30 packs, its so cute that one can actually proudly display it at their vanity, rather than hiding away in some drawers. The napkins comes in a zip lock pouch, use it and when you require to dispose it, pack it in the pouch and off to the bin.

Truly, this is the best thing to tackle Aunt Flo ever. Its so cottony soft and thin that it feels as if I am not wearing any. The shape and wings of the XL ones are just perfect. They cover up from all direction and you will not have to worry about leakage all day long, even during the night. The soaking power is amazing, even during the heavy days, a single one lasted an entire day at the office. There has been no irritation, no itchiness. I did not smell any added perfumes to the napkins, and surprisingly the bamboo charcoal anion strip in the middle, actually controls odor. I wish I could open up a napkin and posted a picture for you to see, but then again I did not want to waste one you see, these are so so expensive. You can find more about how they look like in their website.

Thanks to this, I had a very happy Aunt Flo days, and I could not have been more relaxed ever. My only issue is the price. I am definitely getting the bigger pack as they are little less expensive along with  that cute blue box. Try it, this will surely not disappoint you.

Elize cotton sanitary pads review

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  1. Great 👍👍 main to in sabse bahut dur hu, utrus remove ho gaya hai to sab fursat per wo pain abhi bhi yaad aata hai
    Accha product hai 👍👍