Juvia's Place Nubian 2 palette review and swatches

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Juvia's Place has gone literally all over and has become a cult favorite. Their shadows are known for their high pigmentation and excellent quality. I have already written about the mini Masquerade palette, you can read the post here. They are now sold by many social media sellers here in India at a much higher rate. So, if you have someone in the U.S who can bring it for you, then I would say, think no more and just get this.

The Nubian 2 palette consists of 12 excellent highly pigmented shadows with a mix and match of warm and cool tones ones. They come in big pans, almost the size of blush pans. For sure it would take me ages to hit pan. The staying power is also excellent. They stay hours without fading or creasing. I wear this the whole day at office almost more than 10 hours wear time and they look great by the end of the day too.The colors are very vibrant and rich, and each one of them are usable. I actually see myself using every shade and have in fact used each one of them. Though I do have some not so favorite one and that is only because of their texture and the mess they made. Both of them are from the third row.

Lets talk about the shades a bit. The first row, Morocco (burnt orange matte), Madagascar (matte chocolate brown), Sheba (metallic glittery brown. a bit chunky), Yaa (metallic copper). The matte shadows in this row blends beautifully without being streaky and with no fall out. They are perfect crease color which I feel would hit pan first in this palette. The metallic shades applies like a dream with finger tip and damp flat brush. Whenever I am doing makeup for just casual outings like for the movies or shopping etc, the first row is my most used one in this palette. Swatches below.

The second row, Jezebel (matte pinkish plum), which I mostly use as crease color when I am going for a specific party look. Zuri (metallic light champagne), looks very frosty and icy, but actually it has a champagne tint to it. Works perfectly as inner corner highlight. But I did wear this as lid color, concentrating on the center of the lid on top of some bright color like Cleopatra (metallic sapphire blue). How gorgeous is this blue. Many a times I have wore this like a eyeliner also. Coming to Nefertiti (satin gold), can we just admire on how pretty orange gold this is, like actual molten gold. Don't stop here, there is another gold to blow your mind in the third row. Swatches of second row below.

The start of third row and, Nairobi (satin pale gold), this is what gold eye shadow dreams are made of. Leyla ( metallic deep purple), I do love the shade but I hate the fall out with this. I have ruined my makeup once and in a very bad way. It made my under eye went black and blue when I tried to brush the fall out away. I had to conceal it again which only ended up making my makeup look cakey. I did not have the time to re-do my foundation also. That was a bad makeup day and I had a wedding to attend. So with this shade, actually it would be a good decision to do foundation later after finishing the eye look. Kenya (matte brown with hint of purple ) applies a little streaky unlike rest of the matte shadows but its workable. Now coming to the most dreaded shadow only for the texture. Egypt (metallic moss green) is such a beautiful green, its not like the emerald shade of Coloupop, a bit of a leafy green shade, you know what I mean! Damn its so hard to explain shades sometimes. The texture of this is crumbly though and so very loosely packed which makes me detest this at times. I don't know if this the case for my palette only. Every time I dip brush in, the shade goes all over the places and I have to clean to palette so that colors do not get mixed. So I apply this with my finger tips. Swatches below. 

There you have it, my thoughts on this palette. Only the shades Leyla and Egypt gets a little thumbs down for its fall out issues and crumbly texture. But else color wise, performance wise this palette is a keeper.

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