Innisfree It's real squeeze mask in tea tree

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Innisfree It's real squeeze mask in tea tree

Sheet masks are a cheat's way to impeccable skincare for a lazy girl or a super busy mom or any person on this planet earth who just cannot take time out to do elaborate steps. The first time I tried them were through who were sending free sheet masks to bloggers and raise awareness on this staple Korean staple skincare item. Most of whose brands I was unaware of and whose packages and information were written in Korean. So, I tried most of them literally unaware of what skin type they were for. As a result, my skin had bad reactions, which only aggravated by acne problem many folds. So people with sensitive and acne prone skin, be sure to check all the details first before trying them. And if something is written in a language you cannot make out, it's only wiser not to try them.

Quite some time back after my experience with those sheet masks, I wrote about things that you should keep in mind while trying these sheet masks. You can check the post here. I know, certain things mentioned might be a joke in a Korean skincare enthusiast's world like washing off or wiping off excess of the serum. But trust me, this totally depends on your skin type really, since most of these Korean sheet masks brands does not actually mentions the targeted skin type. Our body always let us know, if the things we are trying, is accepted by it or not, may it be food, exercise or products. So, listen to your skin while trying new things. If after putting sheet masks on, in any way should you feel, the serum is feeling heavy on your skin, and your skin breaks out very easily, then its better to discard it rather than having face full of acne. And if after use, you feel that the left over serum is making your skin feel uncomfortable, its better to wipe it off or wash off to avoid any skin related issues.

Innisfree and The Face Shop are globally known Korean skincare brands and they are pretty clear on instructions of their sheet masks. And I would suggest trying out their sheet masks if you are new to this skincare regime. Today, I am sharing with you my absolute favorite one, the Innisfree, it's a real squeeze sheet mask in tea tree.

Priced at Rs 100, easily available in Nykaa

Innisfree It's real squeeze mask in tea tree

After I had horrible experience with acne with the ones, I had actually vouched not to use any sheet masks. Only until recently, when just browsing through Nykaa, I read the user comments on these ones. Many said they were a God send for acne skin and perfect for oily skin. So I decided to try with one. And thanks to the Almighty that I did.

Like any sheet masks, the mask is a light thin tissue like fabric which come folded and drenched wet with serum. It has cutouts for the section of your face that you should avoid like eye, lips and nose cut to allow you to breathe. One needs to open the folds and put it on the face and the fabric hugs comfortably all the contour of the face. Keep it on for 10-20 mins and then take it off. There are always extra serum which stays left over inside the pouch, so I always pat that extra on top the applied sheet and also around the neck, decolletage area. Do make sure that you are putting it on clean and toned skin.

While, the mask in on, it feels very cool and comfortable. But, honestly, in hot and humid weather like Kolkata, after 20 mins when I take off the sheet, the left over serum on skin makes my skin sweat and feel a bit heavy and oily. But, thankfully, it did not break me out, the next morning. To avoid that what I do is, turn on the AC and just before going to bed, I put this on. The AC makes the air a little dry, and the serum gets absorbed quicker. And the results after use is simple amazing. My skin is plumped, fresh and hydrated. No further skincare is required post this. And Oh, I do store them in the fridge, I absolutely enjoy the cool cool serum on my warm skin.

Now the most important question, does it cure acne since it has tea tree? The answer is, not so much. But it does help to minimize the pain and I did notice a little drying of acne action when used daily for couple of days. I only stopped using daily as no way I am spending 3k on a month's supply of sheet masks LOL. May be if you have minor blemishes, you would notice a difference with single use. But for cystic acne sufferers like me, this would not magically vanish them. Currently, I am using it weekly once, and I always keep my month's stock ready in the fridge.

Not all sheet masks are for oily and acne skin, and I am happy that there is one which people like me can use safely without worrying about additional break outs. I definitely recommend this to oily skinned girls.

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