The best taupe nail paint with purple duo chrome

Nykaa nail polish in violet macaroon swatch

Lipsticks, I can get away with buying just one shade, as it happens quite frequently. But for nail paints, I always get multiples. I don't buy nail paints very frequently. I hadn't actually bought a single bottle for over a year, simply because, I didn't need to. I had every shade imaginable when I was very much into nail art a year back (still into it, but just got lazy). And when recently, those old ones started to disintegrate, I loosen my purse string and bought some unique shades which I had never spotted before.

Juvia's Place Nubian 2 palette review and swatches

Juvia's Place has gone literally all over and has become a cult favorite. Their shadows are known for their high pigmentation and excellent quality. I have already written about the mini Masquerade palette, you can read the post here. They are now sold by many social media sellers here in India at a much higher rate. So, if you have someone in the U.S who can bring it for you, then I would say, think no more and just get this.

Innisfree It's real squeeze mask in tea tree

Innisfree It's real squeeze mask in tea tree

Sheet masks are a cheat's way to impeccable skincare for a lazy girl or a super busy mom or any person on this planet earth who just cannot take time out to do elaborate steps. The first time I tried them were through who were sending free sheet masks to bloggers and raise awareness on this staple Korean staple skincare item. Most of whose brands I was unaware of and whose packages and information were written in Korean. So, I tried most of them literally unaware of what skin type they were for. As a result, my skin had bad reactions, which only aggravated by acne problem many folds. So people with sensitive and acne prone skin, be sure to check all the details first before trying them. And if something is written in a language you cannot make out, it's only wiser not to try them.