May'17 Empties

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Empties

I am posting after ages, and that too an empties post which was supposed to go live in April. The sole reason being, my one and only humble camera is not working. I had taken few pictures which I was not able to retrieve and now my camera does not want to take any pictures also. It's like it got a mind of it's own and is refusing to co-operate with my continuous abuse with it. Sometimes it works and sometimes shows me the not so friendly finger. I have a regular point and shoot one, and I do want to buy a DSLR, which is in my wishlist and sadly which currently I cannot afford. Sigh! I have to get my camera fixed.

May Empties

After finishing the bottles and tubes I do have some honest opinions to share. Let starts with the sunscreen first.

I did write a detailed review on it. And I have used it during summer, autumn, winter and spring. I always have couple of types of sunscreen in my vanity and keep using one or the other and see how they are fairing in different climate. For oily skin, the sunscreen would make your skin look like a oily slick, you need to powder you face to make it look matte, which ends up looking cakey. Same goes for all other seasons except winter. If you have read my review on it, I had mentioned that during high temperatures more than 35 degree centigrade, the texture sort of melts and becomes gloopy. During winter, I noticed that it solidified and became mousse like. And only in winter did I most enjoy this sunscreen. The weather and skin was dry and the sunscreen gave my skin a soft matter almost a dewy finish and patting with powder did not end up looking heavy or cakey. If you have very dry skin, you can use it all year around. But for me with an oily skin, this is only suitable for winter. I realized that I ended up not liking it that much, and I do not see myself buying it ever again, as there are other options available which works much better all year around.

Highly highly recommend this for oily skin, one of the best toner out there and one of the handful ones which actually works.

I do not recommend it, I would not spend money to buy it. Very drying on sensitive oily skin.

St. Ives skin renewing body lotion

It's a basic lotion, nothing miraculous and nothing wow.

Just Herbs lively clean honey exfoliating face wash

I have never posted about it, so now I am going tell honestly what I think. The cleanser is good, but the scrub particles I find to be strange. They are quite chunky and not fully packed. In this way, when you scrub, as there are less of scrubbing particles and as they quite chunkier in size, scrubbing does not happen uniformly. Some might say that this makes the scrubbing gentle but I somehow feel that if the scrubbing agents would have been less chunkier and less abrasive and more densely packed, then the results would have been better, like the TBS tea tree one.

This is one of the best face washes I have used for oily and acne prone skin. Containing sulfates, this never irritated my skin, even though I am allergic to sulfates. It is so gentle and behaves like sulfate free face washes.

The Body Shop tea tree squeaky clean scrub

This is the best scrub for acne prone skin. It is gentle and gets the job done well without irritating the skin. I love it.

The Body Shop rain forest balance shampoo

I have tried many and always come back to my all time favorite one. Again the best one available in Indian market.

Guys, I cannot tell you enough about this so so affordable kumkumadi taila and works like a charm. It dries out acne, minimizes acne marks, keep skin healthy and with continuous usage this has actually made my skin less oily. I have actually repurchased this and a bigger bottle this time.

The scrub needs a lot of improvement. Read my detailed review, after finishing the tub I still feel the same way.

I have used many bottles, continuously and also paused in between to notice the differences. I still have not noticed this to actually do any hair regrowth and neither does it gives me 0% hair fall. What is does it calm my irritated dandruff infected scalp and hair fall I would say is little less compared to when I am not using it at all and also when I am using any hair oil. The calming effect on my scalp is something which I enjoy a lot and probably would continue using it only due to that. During winter I could use much as it gave me cold, so I am planning to continue using it daily during summer as my scalp currently is not loving oil and is revolting.

Truly, one of the best cream for oily skin and can be used as a day cream even during summer. It made my skin feel fresh and never oily even during hotter days. This would work perfectly during summer as a day and night cream and I am planning to repurchase again.

During the winter I liked it, but later on when the days started getting warmer, this started getting on the I don't like it list. It started feeling heavy, greasy and made me feel to wash off again with soap. Not going to repurchase for sure.

There you have it, all of it of what I think. I hope this gives you an insight on these products if you are planning to purchase any one of these ones.

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  1. Nice one 👍👍👍👍 pray karti hu ki aap jaldi hi new camera le paaye 👍👍
    Pinterest per pin nahi kar pa rahi, baaki to share kar diya 😊

  2. Nice and honest reviews of all products. Would like to try the Yves Rocher cleanser and cream...

  3. have the same problem with many scrubs.......not enough particles, etc
    nice post

  4. yet to try Innisfree Bija trouble skin toner - will do so now

  5. Hii I hv been following u since a long Tim because I too suffer from cystic acne...I tried the nature's co garlic anti acne which initially worked for me and then after 1-2 month it stopped working for me..I hv visited many dermatologist in my city..but nothing could give me a clear skin..plz recommend me some gud skin is combination and I suffer from those puss filled cystic acne which always leave marks no matter what all precautions I take..plz plz help me :)

  6. Pls pls suggest me some gud products I suffer from pus filled painful cystic acne