Sebamed Anti-ageing Q10 Lifting Eye Cream Review

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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Cannot believe I am finally writing about this. And I could finally get out of my "will put out a post tomorrow for sure" phase. This is so long over due guys like since last year long! I have been using this eye cream since last year, yes since November mid if I can recall correctly. And this tube is finished already long time ago. I am saving it to put up on an empties post, if I do not get into that lazy  "will put out a post tomorrow for sure" phase again.

Most of us, including yours truly here so very much, forget about the eye area. Guilty  of me, when, I have such dry under eye area that it almost feels bone dry, while rest of the face is an oily hot mess! Thankfully my skin is not that of an hot mess nowadays all thanks to Khandige Kumkumadi tailam. Again thankfully, my under eye area is not bone dry anymore all thanks to this eye cream from Sebamed. Earlier, it used to be so dry that I have managed to develop very fine lines all over the area. And God forbid if I powdered after foundation, the area looked as if there is a famine going on. So the trend 'baking' never agreed with me.

This eye cream is specially for those who are not quite keen in using Retinoids or Vitamin A as their under eye treatment, or people who are sensitive to it all together. This claims to reduce wrinkles within 28 days and does other good stuffs too as you can probably tell from the package mentions in the picture below. And I so needed something like this, which would at least make the fine lines appear less in your face loud.

Retails for Rs800 for 15ml. Little on the expensive side, but this tiny 15ml lasted me for nearly 3 months. In between I did skip, again due to utter laziness.

<a href=""><img alt="SEBAMED ANTI-AGEING Q10 LIFTING EYE CREAM REVIEW" src="" /></a>
<a href=""><img alt="SEBAMED ANTI-AGEING Q10 LIFTING EYE CREAM REVIEW" src="" /></a>
<a href=""><img alt="SEBAMED ANTI-AGEING Q10 LIFTING EYE CREAM REVIEW" src="" /></a>

I am not writing a lot about what it does and what it contains as the package is very much self explanatory and I tried to click from all views so you all get all the details from the pictures. I like it's tiny tube packaging also, there's no chance of the product getting contaminated.

Now the good stuffs, how it works. As soon as you apply, this instantly hydrates the under eye area. The dryness is gone temporarily and skin looks plump which makes the fine lines look smooth. And with continuous usage, that bone dry feeling from my under eye area is gone. I kept a check regularly to see a difference in wrinkles, and honestly after a month, powdering the under eye area after foundation or concealer did not made it look like a famine hit barren land. It looked like there had been a splash of rain.  Translation: fine lines were not in your face so much. So this girl here was happy. She could finally set her concealer with powder without looking dry and wrinkly. Let's be honest here, dark circles I can conceal and color correct but that crunched up under eye so doesn't look pretty.

Speaking of which, this will not reduce your dark circles by the way if that is what you are looking for. That can only be reduced with sound sleep, no stress, no tension, healthy diet. Again translation: Life of a monk! Like that is possible for us! Don't we all have like so much tension in our life, spending sleepless nights thinking and analyzing theories of who is going to sit on the Iron Throne finally. I bet it's Danaerys !

Nowadays I use Kumkumadi tailam on my under eye area in the hopes that this will get rid of my dark circles, as that had helped me a lot with pigmentation. I am going to repurchase this again to use during the day time as at nights I am only using facial oil as complete skincare.

Till​ date, this is the best eye cream I have used. I did use ones from Fab India, Loreal and Just Herbs, but this one tops all of them. But my hunt will go on until I find something which will magically remove wrinkles and dark circles overnight!

<a href=""><img alt="SEBAMED ANTI-AGEING Q10 LIFTING EYE CREAM REVIEW" src="" /></a>

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  1. Wow
    I like it
    Will sure try if my current one wont give result

    Thank you

  2. Nice and detailed review. I have fine lines under my eye. Will give it a try...