Lay & Aura Sandal, Nagchampa and Jasmine Soaps

Sunday, April 30, 2017

During my recent vacation in Goa, in our hunt to get souvenirs at reasonable price, we stumbled upon a shop near Baga which were literally thronged by foreigners mostly Russians and British, who I came to know were regulars each year. The shop had variety of things to buy, hand fixed price and honestly the best price around. Most of the shops were charging way too much even from us Indians too. 
When I was looking around the store for things to buy, what I noticed that many Russians had these very rustic and organic looking packages literally in bunches in their shopping basket. I could not peep into their baskets to figure out what they were. But, my initial thoughts were, may be they were incense. Anyone would have thought so as, the whole shop was smelling of a mix of sandalwood and flowers. At last, I could stop these heaps at a corner and only then I came to know that these were soaps and so strong are their scents that the whole shop were smelling of these.

The guy who was assisting me in getting things, said, "Madam, yeh soaps le lo, foreigners ko bahut pasand hai, yeh log to lagta hai saal bhar k liye le kharid k le jaate hai" (Madam, do buy these soaps, they are very much a hit with the foreigners, they literally buy their stock for the whole year). And this Madam, bought 3 varieties, in sandal, nagchampa and jasmine. There were vanilla, lavender and some other which I cannot recall at the moment, but those were too sweet smelling for my liking.

What I also gathered from the shop guy that these are made in Kerala, by a small cottage industry named Kerby Soaps, they are natural and free of any animal fat. They retail for Ra 100 each.


Sandal wood oil soap : Sandal wood oil, seeder wood oil, almond oil, grape fruit oil, palm kernelate, aqua, glycerine, jojoba oil

Nagchampa flower oil soap : Nagchampa flower oil, seeder wood oil, almond oil, grape fruit oil, palm kernelate, aqua, glycerine, jojoba oil

Jasmine flower oil soap : Jasmine flower oil, seeder wood oil, almond oil, grape fruit oil, palm kernelate, aqua, glycerine, jojoba oil

The reason I bought these are their amazing alluring fragrances. Next time if I am in Goa, I would buy them again for the same reason. I had a feeling that these would be a bit drying like most soaps, but at least I would smell good. That is exactly what happened when I used them. The soaps cleanses skin very well, no doubt about it, but makes skin dry. A body lotion is a must after a shower with these. But after a long day in this hot and humid weather with sweat, dirt and grime, a shower with these soaps are very relaxing indeed.

The sandal variant is definitely my favorite of the lot. This smells exactly like the Mysore sandal soap, which till today happens to be a cult favorite of many Indians. The fragrance lingers on for quite a long time and gives a clean, calming feeling. Next in line, would definitely be the jasmine one. I love the scent of jasmine and when it comes to lingering, it is quite similar to the sandalwood one. The nagchampa on the other hand not so much and definitely my least favorite. It's not bad by the way, I am just giving my preferences.

I know many people, who prefer soaps over body washes. They prefer the stretchy feeling of a soap which makes them feel clean, rather than the slippery feeling of a body wash. These feedback is mostly from the people of our previous generations and most men of our generations also. And if you happen to also like soaps, then next time if you are in Goa, do look for these. They have a great scent and are ideal summer soaps.

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  1. Although I am not fond of soaps per se yet I find myself picking up one or two every time I travel down South (Kerala in particular) where such soaps throng the markets ��