JivaVrksa Herbal Face Wash Review

Monday, April 03, 2017

I am sure all of you, including yours truly here behind this post, have our favorite "take the day off" cleanser. The one you trust with your whole heart and soul to get rid off makeup, dirt, grime, mascara, Kohl and what not by the end of the day, after you retire at home in your favorite pj with your favorite show to binge watch. Currently for me, that show is Orange is the new black. My God I am addicted and don't know why I took this long to start on it. 

But, do you have a "take the night off" cleanser? Or you just use the same cleanser twice? Do you really need that heavy duty cleanser at morning when your skin is renewed from overnight skincare and a gentle mild one is just enough to give you a fresh feeling.
For me, it's been almost 3 months now, ever since I have stopped using any creams at night as part of my skincare. I only use the Khandige Kumkumadi tailam, and nothing else. So at morning I always felt I did not need foaming face washes to cleanse my skin. In fact in many weekends, when I had no where to be else but home  and chores, I just used water to cleanse my skin. Then along came Polly in the form of this herbal face wash from Jivavrksa, exactly what I needed and if you are in the same boat like me, you need this too.

The brand offers all natural skincare in powder form, no chemicals, no preservatives, cruelty free and all hand made.

You can order from their Facebook page or from their website.

They sell their products in eco-friendly sustainable packaging, a very simple brown paper pouch inside which a butter paper pouch is housed containing the product. You definitely need airtight storage handy to decant the product for your future uses. This might be an issue for some, but then you get an option to reuse your body butter tubs with products like these. And more so, for such an affordable price of Rs100 for 75gms, we can't complain much!

I am honestly, very much impressed with the ingredients list, having all the good things you need to get clearer skin. The texture is smooth with just the right amount of grittiness to exfoliate and cleanse your skin gently.

I take a tea spoon quantity and mix it will cold water to make a pliable paste. Splash my face with water and then apply the paste all over my face. Message with finger tips in circular motion for a minute or two and then wash off. You can mix with rose water or curd if you have these at your disposal.

The gentle grits exfoliates the dead skin and chickpea flour cleanses my skin without making it dry. My skin feels fresh, clean and I have seen improve in my skin's texture too. This is all due to the gentle daily scrubbing my skin gets with this, which removes all the tiny dry skin flakes of dried up acne along with dead skin. Having said that, do not take me to be crazy, I refrain using this when I have angry acne on my face. You can safely use this when your acne has healed and the pain is gone, it would not irritate it further.

Since there is no heavy cream or lotion on my face so this is enough for my morning face wash. And touch wood, I have not got any new unwelcoming friend (read breakouts) due to this. This will remove any heavy makeup or day time office makeup, so if you are expecting this to be your "take the day off" face wash, this would disappoint you.

I am quite impressed with the cleanser and this is sure to stay as part of my morning skin care as long as I am using  Kumkumadi tailam solely as night skincare ( which for the moment seems to be forever, unless during extremely hot and humid days, oils gets too much for my skin to bear). I would highly recommend this, if you are into all herbal skincare which are safe and affordable.

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  1. Amazing and honest review Shampita. I love your blog for the reason that you use products for a long time before reviewing them. This face wash ahs reduced my breakouts to a great great extent๐Ÿ˜Š