Things I got from Goa

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram then you already have been bombarded with pictures from Goa as I spend last week vacationing there with my husband. Needless to say, we had amazing time there, like who ever had spent a bad vacation in Goa, riiiiiight! In between all the eating, going to places, we did some shopping too. And there are certain things that you should bring back from Goa and I got some of them covered.

Ever since we were back on Saturday, my husband just could not wait to dig into the eatables and I just could not hold him back any longer for me to take nice pictures. On Sunday, I asked him to take pictures of everything while I had to run some errands and then he can start digging into stuffs. When I was back, this is the quality of picture I was introduced to with most of the eatables packets opened. Anyhow, I am not happy with the picture outcomes but at least there is a picture to put, right!

Though most of the Goa is lined u with shops who sell about anything but, major shopping destination to me is the Anjuna Flea Market which happens every Wednesday till 6 PM at the evening, and the Arpora Saturday night market. Now we did not get any Saturday in between to check that out, but what locals tells me that Arpora one is much better than the Anjuna one. We only went to Anjuna Flea market and the whole of Anjuna Market road were lined with hundreds of shops selling just about anything under the sun at an extremely high price. Everything I saw, gave me a feeling that I would get that in Esplanade, Kolkata in half the price. I have noticed that in Goa, since there is a lot of international tourists especially during this time of the year, almost all the shops have hiked price for no reason. The only thing I got at a great bargain from Anjuna Flea market is those intricately designed, hand embroidered cushion covers, at Rs 100 per piece only. I also got those two hand embroidered money bags for Rs 100 each. You really have to bargain a lot to get the best deal. There are many shops which are owned by foreigners, and they don't seem to bargain much. They have their price you take it or leave it. There were many clothing stores too, but honestly I felt most of them to be as used, or factory rejects and of cheap quality sold at very high price, not worth it at all.

What is Goa without some Cashew Fenni, Port wine, cashew nuts and off course Goan spices. So we got 2 bottles of Cashew Fenni, wanted to buy some more but was not sure how much we can carry in flight. The wine store owner kept on saying that we can carry 8 bottles each but then I was not too sure. I also bought some chocolate coated cashews, chocolate coated paan, some paan masala, guava cheese, mango papad, jujubes. In Goan ready made spices I bought vindaloo masala, balchao masala, rechado masala, goan mutton masala. And let me tell you, all of  things I have bought, these are my most treasured ones among them. You can never leave a place without packing some of it local offerings, can you?

If you are planning to really do some shopping for souvenirs, I would suggest you get into those fixed price stores available a plenty in Baga, Calagute area, or even in Panjim. I have seen that there they have most values price which would not make you feel that you are being looted. See those tiny Hookahs, they are are made of wood and in many road side stores they were selling for Rs 800. No matter how hard we bargained no one was ready to go below Rs 400, a guy agreed on to Rs 375 last. But then we went into a Fixed priced store near the Calangute junction, and there it was Rs 195 only. So from that store we bought all out souvenirs from friends and family which included key chains, candle stand etc. I also spotted some paraben free handmade soaps there, packaged in a very eco-friendly way and smelled heavenly. I bought three of them in Jasmine, Sandalwood and Kewra all Rs 100 each. I am going to go a post about these soaps separately.

Let's not forget about the Karachi Bakery cookies, Though these were not bought from Goa, they are from Hyderabad airport. These are the only reason, specially that box of macaroons, for which we had booked our flight via Hyderabad ( it was cheaper too) and not via Mumbai ( which was also of similar price).

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I hope this bring back memories of you shopping in Goa, if you have been there. If not then do plan within Nov to March months. It's the best time to visit Goa.

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