The Mini Masquerade Palette by Juvia's Place

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Mini Masquerade Palette by Juvia's Place

Lately, have I not been posting about things which I really really like ? And today's post is no different. Ever since Youtube went crazy for Juvia's Place I wanted to get my hands on them. So when a friend was coming down to India from U.S. I bought myself two of their best sellers, the Masquerade and also the Nubian 2 palette. I got the mini version of the Masquerade palette whose pan sizes are equivalent to Mac single eye shadows and costs a bit less too. There's no way I could have hit pan with the regular sized one, the pan size of whose are like a Mac Blush, like huge for a eye shadow!
Recently, the Indie brands have gained a lot of popularity thanks to Youtubers and why not, they are good and affordable and no way can you not love them when it comes to quality and quantity. This palette for example, retails for 25USD for 16 pans of shadows. If you apply some of so many discount codes available ( I used nikkie from Nikkie Tutorials ) at checkout, you would get it for 20USD. Its like 1.25 USD for a single pan of shadow. How cheap is that ! For sure I would not have anything of this good quality here in India. The sad part is, nothing like this is easily available in India. There are many social media sellers who sells these foreign cosmetics, but all of them have very much hiked prices and then there is a chance of getting a fake one. So I would rather wait for some of my friends to come down to India and ask them to bring stuffs for me, and post about my experience much later.

The Mini Masquerade Palette by Juvia's Place


The shadows come housed in this very cute and colorful cardboard packaging. The brand is a brainchild of an African lady and I love the African touch to it. The cover is magnetic at the edge for it to clasp to the bottom board securely. There is a plastic cover also to protect the pans from dust. 

Texture and Pigmentation

The texture of the shadows are very soft, buttery and smooth while some of them were too soft and powdery and has a great deal of kick off. In the picture below, you can see that the shade Cairo and Fulani are a bit damaged. This happened while I was taking pictures and was getting rid of the transparent plastic cover. The cover barely touched the pan, but then ended up damaging it. They have a great deal of fall out too. So ever should you attempt to do your eye makeup once you have foundation on. 

Most of the shadows are brilliantly pigmented and blends beautifully. Few of them were a bit meh!. 

The Mini Masquerade Palette by Juvia's Place
Swatches of Masquerade Palette by Juvia's Place

Top Row (L-R)
Chi, Mali, Dalia, Zola

Chi, Mali, Dalia, Zola : All of them are gorgeous shimmery shadow, very bright and very pigmented. The color selection is beautiful, blues, green, teal, aquamarine, Oh! they are so pretty. Works really well with finger tips or a wet synthetic flat brush. Need to pack it on to avoid fall out.

Swatches of Masquerade Palette by Juvia's Place

2nd Row (L-R)
Makeda, Zobo, Calabar, Bori

Makeda has to be the best purple shimmery eye shadow ever. Purple is a shade which is very hard to work with. But with this one you can never go wrong. It will always pretty

Zobo, a beautiful deep pink, and happens to be a matte shade. These kind of dark matte shades can get patchy, but this one is just perfect. It blends really well.

Calabar, a shimmery brownish red, a very unique shade. I love it. With most of the shade selection in this palette you can totally go crazy with dramatic looks.

Bori, happens to my least favorite in this row and in the palette to be precise. Its a matte shade with chunky glitter in it. Very powdery, looks vibrant on the palette and also on the finger swatch, but I had such hard time in blending it and having an appropriate color payoff. Such a gorgeous bright pink, which I used they made a shimmer shadow with satin finish like the others.

Swatches of Masquerade Palette by Juvia's Place

3rd Row (L-R)
Giza, Burkina, Cairo, Ada

Giza, is a beautiful champange gold shade which you can totally use as a highlighter. And I had been using this for inner corner and also brow bone highlight. Looks very frosty in the swatch, but its not that cool toned.

Burkina and Ada are the matte shadows in this row perfect for transition shades and most used ones from the palette.

Cairo, again a gorgeous copper brown ( don't know why its looking orange in the swatch pic) matte shadow with chunky glitter and very hard to blend and work with like Bori. Its very powdery with a lot of kick off and fall out.

Swatches of Masquerade Palette by Juvia's Place

4th row (L-R)
Dahlia, Zulu, Casablanca, Fulani

Zulu and Fulani are matte shadows in warm toned browns for your transition color. I have seen that the matte shadows of this palette are quite good, they are not patchy and blending is never a issue.

Dahlia happens to be my everyday favorite, the pale warm toned gold works so good as highlighter for my skin tone. I have been wearing this only over my eyelid and alone it looks very pretty.

Casablanca also my favorite, such a gorgeous deep coppery shimmery shade with chunky glitters. Have to be applied with finger tips and looks so so pretty.

Overall, I am only not much fond of the texture of Bori and Cairo, but for the rest I am a fan. I have been using this palette so much. In all of my wedding party looks during January, when I had to attend a wedding marathon, this palette and Nubian 2 one was the only ones I used to create my looks. A posted a pic of it on Instagram. If you can get your hands on them from U.S or if know any of the trusted social media sellers I definitely suggest you to get this.

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  1. The shades in this palette look super amazing.

  2. Kitne pyaarey shades hain, pigmented bhi 👌👌