O3+ Brightening and Whitening Face Wash

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Certain things I like about shopping with Nykaa that they are at times very generous in adding free gifts to your shopping cart. They do give you options to choose from, sometimes they are good and one is spoilt for choices. On other occasions, ummm! not so much. This particular face wash was a free item for one such occasions.
Now O3+ has quite a good range of products most of which are used in many Salons. But not all would work! You know that I am someone who do not encourage anything whitening, but brightening does gel along with me. I chose to add this free one in my cart only due to the brightening claims and also thought since I was going to Goa, need to carry face wash anyway, would get tanned any way. Why not take something like this, never tried O3+ skincare before.

When the product arrived, I wasn't surprised to find Sles something which I stay steer clear. Then again with my latest sweet randezvous with an SLS containing facewash in Yves Rocher Sebo Vegetal, Oh! how great it worked for me, I thought to give this a try any how. I took this along with me to Goa and unlike love at first wash, this was definitely a hate at first wash.

The packaging is travel friendly, the texture is quite thick, a transparent gel like and smells quite nice.

Retails for Rs 257 for 50 ml.

What I so dislike about it is, how dry it made my skin feel post wash. I have an oily skin, which is not extremely oily nowadays thanks to Kumkumadi tailam that I have been using from Khandige. But, still I did not expect this to dry out my skin this much. My skin felt very strechy and the areas where I had acne made very very dry. I literally got dry patches.

On how it cleanses skin is average too. It failed to remove my Kohl from eyes completely and also since I was wearing a lot of sunscreens, I felt that my pores were not feeling thoroughly cleansed. I used multiple times to clean thoroughly, as a result my skin was bone dry.

Now, I do not know about whitening as that was not my need. But brightening, since it was stripping off all of skin's natural oils and it felt powder dry, so it gives an illusion of brightening of skin. But do you really need something to strip off your skin, do you!

Unfortunately, this failed to work on me and I honestly do not recommend this. Dry skinned people should not use it at all. There are much better options available which are natural and sulphate free ( read Just Herbs Silksplash) at this price range, you should try those.

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  1. Nice and honest review. Will skip this one...