Khandige Kumkumadi Taila

Monday, March 20, 2017

Khandige Kumkumadi Taila Review

All you women out there and some of you men who loves taking care of your skin, and who thinks facial oils are not for oily skin, let me burst your bubble. It's a myth and should not be indulged when you have such a gem of a product available in the Indian market at such an affordable price. Yes, this little thing is a miracle in a bottle!
If any of you have used Kumkumadi tailam before then you already have an idea of how great of a result it shows on skin. This miraculous oil concocted with varieties of herbs including saffron in a base of sesame oil and cow's milk, helps in removing a multitude of skin problems starting from acne, blemishes, dullness, pigmentation, fine lines, sun tan. It adds glow to skin, improves skin texture and helps you in achieving an even skin tone.

Coming to this particular brand, not very well known (at least I was not aware of it) but the quality of product is extremely good. And all that goodness comes at a price of Rs375 for 50ml with shelf life of only 12 months.

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Khandige Kumkumadi Taila Review


Comes in an opaque glass bottle with a nozzle attached at the mouth. Must be stored away from sunlight to preserve the oil's efficacy. 

Texture color and Fragrance

Not very lightweight but gets absorbed into the skin easily without any stickiness or heavy feeling. Remember, after all this is an oil, it will have an oily residue when used in more than required quantity. An amber colored oil, smells herbal, like ghee, a little bit peppery. But doesn't bother me.

Khandige Kumkumadi Taila Review
Khandige Kumkumadi Taila Review

My experience and thoughts

I have used this all non stop from January till date, every night and even during day time when I was at home. I used around 4-5 drops of the oil, the quantity you need to adjust based on your skin's need also. The oil gets absorbed and skin instantly looks plump and glowy. During the winter, this alone was enough to moisturize and hydrate my skin. As the days started getting warmer, I am using a little less, and still this is the only product I am using as skin care after cleansing and toning. I have many skin issues and this has helped me in all of them.

Oily skin: Our skin gets oily as a defence mechanism for moisture loss. The more your skin loses moisture due to not keeping it hydrated and washing your face way too many times, our sebum glands more active and produces more oil to protect skin. With continuous usage, my skin is far far less oily. The weather had started getting hot and even when I was vacationing in Goa last week, during hot day time, I was surprised to see my skin was not an oil mess. It was normal, a bit shiny but not oily like before. I would keep using this for the entire summer and I am curious to see how my skin behaves then with this. I would definitely keep you all posted.

Large pores: Surprisingly, my humongous pores around my nose and cheeks are much smaller. From afar one cannot make out that I had huge pores the size of potholes. Now it had done nothing on the pitted scars, those anyways would take time.

Cystic acne: Dried up my acne faster and healed them faster when compared to many other facial oil I have used in the past like the Just Herbs Kimsukadi tailam. I do get hormonal breakouts and when I eat junk food, else but them, my acne issue is in much control.

Pigmentation and dark spots: I have some pigmentation around my mouth which has lightened at lot. I always required a color corrector before foundation, else that region would look ashy. Now the situation is much better. On my acne spots, they are fading away too, though slowly and but these three months I have seen a huge difference​.

Uneven skin tone: I had lost most of my baby complexion due to sun tan and pigmentation related to it. And this had removed most of it. My friends and family had literally complimented that my complexion had improved a lot. I was at a wedding recently, and a relative from my in -laws side commented to my husband about me saying, "She has become fair". Though I have tanned a little bit while in Goa, but I am rest assured that this will help me in removing it. 

Fine lines:  I have some fine lines around my eye area and laugh lines. Since my skin very much hydrated, so the fine lines appears lot less visible.

I am extremely happy with the results and I very highly recommend this. There is no side effects. My skin looks so healthy and youthful and it definitely has a glow to it. I am loving my skin, all thanks to this Kumkumadi tailam. I have found nothing negative to say about this. This is one gem of a product, and I would definitely repurchase this, next time, and for sure the bigger bottle. Apply it all over my body before bed time to help with the uneven skin tone on rest of my body.

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  1. I what to give this a try ASAP. Thanks for your detailed review as always...

  2. Wow... so much benefits at such an affordable price. Definitely going to try it when my Iraya Kumkumadi Oil gets over...

  3. I am in love with this oil....toooooo good. Lovely review.

  4. I have used this oil before and couldn't find it much appealing, nothing extraordinary done even after applying for a month. So i switched to Forest Essentials, and it has done the right thing to my skin.

  5. These look great!! :) Thank you for sharing this..Check here for upto 70% off on KumKumadi Tailam

  6. These look great!! :) Thank you for sharing this..Check here for KumKumadi sale : KumKumadi Tailam