Introducing JivaVrksa

Saturday, March 25, 2017

You know how much I appreciate natural skincare and am specially fond of brands who put their soul into crafting the best 100% natural skincare. Being in India can never get you far from Ayurveda. And I feel proud that us Indian women, believe in the bounty of nature than chemicals. I am sure all of you, have seen your mother, grand mothers, aunties relying most on homemade DIY's for their skin care. 

My grand mother for example, always used store away some of the malai (milk cream) for her skin care, while she used to boil milk. She only used malai mixed in with a little bit with Bengal gram flower, to cleanse and moisturize her skin. I had never seen her use anything else, never ever any creams and lotions, even in the winters. And her skin, Dear Lord! Why did you not make me inherit her beautiful glowing skin? Even at 80, she did not have any pigmentation and her skin was much better than mine when I was in school and college. She used to scold me for using so many chemicals as skincare. She passed away when I was in my final year in college.

Back in the school and college days, my mother used to advice me to use multani mitti, neem leaves, sandalwood to counter my acne skin issues, rather than spending loads of money on commercial chemical loaded products. Did not listen to her either. Talking about my mother, her too I have seen use all homemade stuffs as skincare. Now, she does use creams and lotions, but her skin is great even at 60. She also do not have pigmentation issues which most women suffer from as they age.

Now, that I am wiser and convinced that nature's bounty has a lot of potent ingredients to work magic on your skin, I try to incorporate as much 100% natural skincare as possible. Today, I am introducing to you one such brand who has just about handful of products in their kitty but all of them are 100% natural, are handmade and does no animal testing. You can rest assure that they would cause your skin no harm.

JivaVrksa is a Chennai based brand, and you can find more about them here. I had a word with Deepa from the brand, and she informed me that they had been making small batches, testing them thoroughly on friends and family and many other acquaintances, only when they got positive feedback and people had seen good results, they launched it widely. They took utmost care to curate the best product which would not give you any irritation and allergic reaction. Then again, people can get allergic to some of herbs, for example my mother is allergic to neem leaves. So it's always wiser to do patch test.

They only have four products to choose from and all of them are very affordable. I was sent all four of their offerings, a face wash, a face pack, a body wash and a hair wash, and they landed on my doorstep yesterday. The hair wash somewhat reminds me of the Sara herbal hair wash powder. And I am very much intrigued with the body wash in powder form. I am going to try all of them and going to post about them soon. I tried the face wash today and from first impression I am quite impressed.

More about their individual products are coming up soon on blog. So guys, don't forget to subscribe to get the notification :)

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  1. Another good Ayurvedic brand... This seems very affordable as well. And the packaging looks eco-friendly :)