Iba Halal Care Luxury Facial Soap in Saffron Sandal

Iba Halal Care Luxury Facial Soap in Saffron Sandal

Do you use soap to cleanse your face ? I often do when I use hand made organic soaps with quality ingredients. I have been seen products of this brand on many blogs and decided to finally give it a try with their soap at first. I got the variety of saffron and sandal, a small 25gm of size.

O3+ Brightening and Whitening Face Wash

Certain things I like about shopping with Nykaa that they are at times very generous in adding free gifts to your shopping cart. They do give you options to choose from, sometimes they are good and one is spoilt for choices. On other occasions, ummm! not so much. This particular face wash was a free item for one such occasions.

Introducing JivaVrksa

You know how much I appreciate natural skincare and am specially fond of brands who put their soul into crafting the best 100% natural skincare. Being in India can never get you far from Ayurveda. And I feel proud that us Indian women, believe in the bounty of nature than chemicals. I am sure all of you, have seen your mother, grand mothers, aunties relying most on homemade DIY's for their skin care. 

The Mini Masquerade Palette by Juvia's Place

The Mini Masquerade Palette by Juvia's Place

Lately, have I not been posting about things which I really really like ? And today's post is no different. Ever since Youtube went crazy for Juvia's Place I wanted to get my hands on them. So when a friend was coming down to India from U.S. I bought myself two of their best sellers, the Masquerade and also the Nubian 2 palette. I got the mini version of the Masquerade palette whose pan sizes are equivalent to Mac single eye shadows and costs a bit less too. There's no way I could have hit pan with the regular sized one, the pan size of whose are like a Mac Blush, like huge for a eye shadow!

Khandige Kumkumadi Taila

Khandige Kumkumadi Taila Review

All you women out there and some of you men who loves taking care of your skin, and who thinks facial oils are not for oily skin, let me burst your bubble. It's a myth and should not be indulged when you have such a gem of a product available in the Indian market at such an affordable price. Yes, this little thing is a miracle in a bottle!

Things I got from Goa


If you follow me on Instagram then you already have been bombarded with pictures from Goa as I spend last week vacationing there with my husband. Needless to say, we had amazing time there, like who ever had spent a bad vacation in Goa, riiiiiight! In between all the eating, going to places, we did some shopping too. And there are certain things that you should bring back from Goa and I got some of them covered.