Paperboat launches Chikki

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Paperboat has gone nuts and oh my for such a sweet reason. Recently they launched the much loved, probably the most widely adored Indian snack, the humble 'Chikki', the Indian version of peanut brittle. A nutty, crunchy bar made of jaggery and peanuts.
When I was little, for me chikki or what we Bengalis call them 'Badam chik ' was treat and a bribe, which my father always promised to buy to convince me to travel to the country side to visit distant relatives. Our childhood was the time when actually travelling and visiting relatives was a must to do during school vacations. Now with mobile age, that fashion has long gone and people do barely visit each other if the distance is too far.

I always associated this as a train journey snack and found the ones sold by the country side train hawkers to be the most delectable ones. The ones sold at our local shops were never quite comparable with them. So no matter how much I wished to spend my vacation in Kolkata, playing with my neighborhood friends, I always gave in to the bribe of the cheeky chikki.

These bright orange bars with ochre peek a boo of peanuts are just perfect. They are not hard at all which would make your teeth hurt, but brittle enough to give the perfect crunch. I hate chikkis which stick to the teeth and then one need to poke teeth with fingers to get them out, so not a pleasant sight in public. These ones gives you no such embarrassments. Made with sugar, glucose, jaggery and off course the peanuts these are definitely one of the best ones I have ever had, quite similar to the ones I used eat at the country side which used to be a little more darker.

If you love chikkis, to give them a try, they are definitely a treat.

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  1. I love this chikki. so crunchy and tasty.