First empties of 2017

Monday, February 06, 2017

I particularly love empties post. This kind of posts helps me to finally draw a conclusion on a product and make my "hit" or "miss" list. Things had been piling up for a while until I had a considerable amount of empty bottles to throw out. And here I am with the first empties post of this year.

The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo

The best sulfate free shampoo in Indian market. I have tried many and none topped this one. This is expensive I know, but this lasts me for 2 months with shampooing every alternate days, so I am fine with its Rs 795 price tag

Japakusum Ayurvedic Scalp Lotion

It claims to stop hair fall within 15 days of use, for me it took the usage of whole bottle to show any noticeable hair fall reduction. But did not give me zero hair fall results. I love the aqueous lotion, its very cooling and calming which I extremely enjoy. I could not use it during the winter months as I noticed in colder climate it was giving me cold. But I will definitely start using this again in summer as I have 2 more bottles lying in my cupboard. I still keep hopes from this to work like miracle on me.

Clean and Clear pimple clearing face wash

If you are looking for budget sulfate free face wash, then this is perfect for you. Its inexpensive and cleans skin well. But it is a tad bit drying.

Vichy Normaderm purifying pore tightening lotion

The best toner out there for acne skin. It has both salicylic and glycolic acid and exfoliates skin really well without being harsh. Pulls out dirt and any traces of makeup like no one's business. It is again expensive, but then will last you for months.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

I have never done a detailed review on this. So, I am going to give you my honest opinion today. If you have very acute cystic acne problem, the angry big red bumps, this would not help in any way to get rid of them. This would work on people who has very mild acne, on whom salicylic acid is enough to counter the problem. I did not get any benefit from this, as you know I have very acute cystic acne problem. The texture of this is absolutely amazing for a summer time skin care, for winter this is not enought. It kept the part of my facial skin healthy which was not infected with acne. It does minimize the appearance of pores. I have seen many bloggers and youtubers use this as base before makeup but I would not suggest you to do so. Since this is supposed to be a treatment product, and supposed to exfoliate skin while it is on your skin, hence foundation might seep deep into your pores, clogging it and causing more acne.

La Roche Posay Effaclar toner

I love the toner. Again one of the best toner for acne skin. This is almost neck to neck with the Vichy one. Deep cleanses pores, pulls out all last traces of dirt and grime, tones are skin, instantly minimizes pores due to its alcohol content. The price range is same as the Vichy one. Unlike Vichy one this does not have glycolic acid in the ingredients list, so the Vichy one tops on the exfoliation department.

Yves Rocher Micellar cleansing water

Did not like it at all. It does breaks down mascara and other eye make up well but has a certain greasy texture which makes traces of make up cling to skin. I have to go on top with Bioderma again to thoroughly take off my makeup.

Sure Dry Shield 24H antiperspirant roll on 

The best alcohol free roll on deo. I have using only this for ages now. It does irritate my underarms and keeps odor at bay.

Roots and Herbs Mulethi anti acne face pack and activator

Bought this in December 2015 and this has expired. Almost half of the jar and the activator liquid is still there. I had stopped using it since I am not getting any results from this. The SA claimed that this will eradicate my acne and will not bring them back with daily use. But sadly, I did not notice any difference at all. The duo is quite expensive, I remember spending nearly 1500 for this. So not worth it. So I am throwing this away and making room in my cupboard.

The Nature's Co Garlic anti acne cream

This surprisingly helped me a lot with getting rid of acne. I did a detailed review on this, you can read it here. This is definitely a must try.

Bioderma Sensible H20 micellar water

Needs no extra mention as this is the best micellar solution your money can buy. Did not come across any other which topped this.

Ma Earth Botanicals rose face scrub

Love love love the scrub. Its all natural and smells heavenly of roses. You should try this, you would not be disappointed.

Pure Suds Black Out face gel pack

I loved this, it made my skin feel so fresh. Activated charcoal is great for cleansing skin, but can get into pores. I always found black traces of the product on cotton wool after I used Vichy or La Roche Posay toner after using this face pack. So be careful while using this, this may clog pores.

Clean and Clear foaming face wash

One of the best budget face wash, I usually buy a small bottle of this every time I am travelling on backpacks and rucksack, when I would not be able carry a lot of skin care. In most of such travel a good cleanser is a must and this one had never failed me.

Colorbar nail polish remover

The only nail polish remover I have ever used, my only favorite. Now I feel like I should try out on others. Please do suggest me which one shall I get.

There was my list of empties, from which some of the jars I will clean and stock for storage. They do come in handy and my mother in law always finds some use for them in kitchen or in her vanity.

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  1. I love the Ma Earth Botanicals rose face scrub to the core... Many products emptied by you.. Kudos😊😊

  2. Loved your honest views about the soooo raved products. Liked your post.

  3. Please suggest me good cleanser for acne prone skin