The Herb Boutique Highland Radiance Face Scrub

Monday, January 16, 2017

I have been posting quite a few products from The Herb Boutique. If you want to know more about the brand do check my earlier posts. Today I am going to share all about this face scrub which I just absolutely love. The last face scrub which made me go gaga over was from Ma Earth Botanicals. In between everything else was just meh! Now me having a acne prone skin and a very sensitive one, I just cannot try something which would be too harsh for my delicate facial skin, so I am always hunting for ones which are soft but still gets the job done really well.

Treat yourself with Highland Radiance Face Scrub for the blemish free skin. Made with Almonds and Kashmiri Saffron, your skin will get a radiant, spotless and wrinkle free skin. It exfoliates the skin to get rid of dull skin cells so as to reveal a more youthful look. With High Radiance Face Scrub, a soft and smooth skin is assured.

Price : Rs 999. Available on The Herb Boutique Website

This brand's main USP is their vegan and 100% organic products. Hence the hefty price tag. What I have noticed that none of their products are complex, they are simple, with just the right handful ingredients and nothing else. This product too has only three ingredients saffron, semolina and almonds and that's about it. There are no preservatives and no chemicals whatsoever. The labeling is again wrongly done for the ingredients list. The label says Skin Food and has ingredients rice, pulse and lentils. So wrong! I feel this cottage industry brands should be some more attentive when they are packaging and shipping their products out. Wrongly done labels would give wrong impression to customers.

If you closely in the above picture, you can see specs of saffron along with semolina and almond meal. There is very little saffron content I felt, hence this does not smell warm aromatic of saffron. There is a slight note though.

As per the direction, mix the powder with water and scrub for two minutes. As soon as you make a paste, the semolina and almond swells up and softens. I also like to make the paste with some hot water, that further more softens the powder and makes saffron ooze out its glorious sunset hue into the mixture. By this way, its even more softer and gentler as a scrub on your skin.

I wet my face with cold water and then message in circular motion with the paste. The softened semolina and almond is coarse enough to give good exfoliation, being very gentle on the skin at the same time. After messaging for two minutes I wash off with cold water and pat dry with a soft towel. The after effect is just amazing. The glow this gives is actually better that I got with the Rose Scrub from Ma Earth Botanicals. My skin felt smooth, soft and it was actually reflecting light. I just absolutely love it. It did not irritate my skin, and no breakout. Then again be careful not to use this on top of your active acne.

My final thoughts

I definitely love this face scrub for its amazing results. I would have loved it even more if this would have had some more saffron in it.  The texture is perfect and results are amazing, and works great on sensitive acne prone skin too. If compared with the Ma Earth Botanicals one, that one smells heavenly, with a little more coarse in texture than this, which could be a little problematic with too sensitive skin. Then again it is less expensive. Both are quite neck to neck according to me, and if you are looking for something less expensive, then you know which one would be your choice.

Product sent by Brand. The opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. I find this expensive..but the results are good...This brand sounds so nice.. :) :)

  2. Such a cute packaging. Liked it. Good review.