Milani Cosmatics Illuminating Powder In Amber Nectar

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Milani Cosmatics Illuminatiing Powder In Amber Nectar

Happy New Year Guys. I hope you all had an amazing New Year's Eve, I had a great one with my friends. Can you believe we are already three days down on 2017. I have a feeling even 2017 is going to pass with the blink of an eye just like its predecessor. It still feels to me that it is only couple of months when I got my Milani Cosmetics product via Ship out from USA services, so I have time to write about all these cuties. Cannot believe that it has been almost 6 months since I have been using this. 

I love Milani Cosmetics products for all the right reasons, they are pretty looking, with gorgeous packaging and top notch quality at an affordable price point. This illuminating powder is no exception. Though it does have some sour notes that I am going to share below, but just look at it, LOOK !! Can this be any more prettier ? The multi color rosettes are just too pretty to swirl your brush in. I did had to muster come courage to do that. Two thumbs up for all these gorgeousness. If you have a beautiful vanity with, products like these would add elegance and beauty to your collection.

When I got it it retailed for $9.99 but now they are of $10. There are 3 shades available and after seeing a lot of swatches on internet, I had the feeling that 01 Amber Nectar would show off some color on Indian tanned wheatish skin tone like mine.

Milani Cosmatics Illuminatiing Powder In Amber Nectar

 From the first look, I thought this would be of very soft texture, buttery and would have a powdery kickoff. But the texture is quite hard, absolutely no powdery kick off. It has glitter in it, but they are not chunky and gritty, the micro glitter are very very finely milled. On skin, they reflect light just enough to give that flow from within look. Since this has no powdery kick off, I have to swirl my brush really hard to get some product on it. Its been six months of usage and I had been using this daily, and the shape of rosettes are still somewhat there. The texture is so hard now that I have to scratch the surface a bit to get some product on to my brush and apply all over my face,

Milani Cosmatics Illuminatiing Powder In Amber Nectar

Though the company claims that this can be used as a highlighter and I have seen on the swatches on very pale skinned western beauty bloggers and this does gives a subtle highlighter effect. But since the product is not very highly pigmented, on Indian skin tone this would never work as a highlighter. But when applied all over face, it does give a beautiful glow from within effect, the reason why I use this daily as part of my daily office makeup. May be on very fair Indian skin the color pigments would show off as a blush, but never as a bronzer, just as the company claims. I did not upload any swatch picture, as no color was showing off on my fairly dusky hands and on face the illuminating glow was not getting captured by my humble camera.

Coming to the sour notes, I wish the texture was more soft and buttery so that it could have been used easily. I do not like that I have to scratch the surface to swipe product. On the other hand due to the hard texture, the shape of the rosettes are still retained. In any case, I am enjoying the product, I absolutely love the glow from within effect that it gives to my skin, which has been otherwise looking lifeless from many months due to severe acne outbreak. I definitely recommend this to you and you should add this to your collection for all its prettiness.

Milani Cosmatics Illuminatiing Powder In Amber Nectar

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  1. Such a cute packaging. Like this milani cosmatics powder.