Just Herbs Advanced Ayurvedic Pimple Treatment

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I think till now I have tried almost everything that Just Herbs has to offer especially for oily and acne prone skin. This face pack is not from my recent trials, in fact I have been using this since summer. It's long over due I know, but its only justified to give natural skin care products a good amount of time to adjust and show results and then write about how truly good or bad they are.

  I love Just Herbs products for the reason being they have 100% natural ingredients list, secondly not all products burn a hole in your pocket. Though not all the products that I have tried were miraculous, but they were not bad either. This treatment mask is something like that, nothing miraculous but not bad either.

About the ingredients

The one mentioned in the package is quite different that the one mentioned in their website.

Website one : Majuphal(Quercus Infectoria)11%, Bitter orange peel 10%, Symplocos racemosus 10%,Gingiber officinalis 10%, Myristica fragrans 3%, Neem*3%, Sandalwood powder 3%,Triphala 3%,Arjuna 2%, Curcuma longa 2%,Yellow zedoary 1%, Sapindus trifoliatus 1%, Lentils, Indian Volcanic clay.* Certified Organic Ingredients

So I am not sure which one is the correct one, or if Just herbs has changed the formula since I last bought. I have a feeling that the label in the package is wrongly printed. If you read the direction to use, it explains of a product called Aglow !

Even if you choose to buy it now, the ingredients list is quite impressive. Majuphal, bitter orange peel, lodhra, ginger, nutmeg, neem sandalwood and so many other roots, herbs, barks known to be extremely beneficial for acne skin. Not sure if they would help you to a great extent if you have very problematic skin, but it would not make matter worse either.

Texture and fragrance

The texture is not finely milled powder form. It has some coarseness to it. Smells herbal.

Price : Rs 445 for 65 gms. Available on Just Herbs website

If you go by the direction of use as mentioned in their website, they ask you to make a paste with water. You can add lemon juice or curd and then apply on to active acne. Wash off once the pack begins to dry, followed by cleansing your face with their Silksplash face wash.

I started using this treatment mask when I was suffering from very very acute acne. My acne those days were huge cystic ones which looked like mini tumors and extremely painful, along with tiny ones resembling like rashes. It was the time when nothing seems to be working to eradicate the problem what so ever. So I gave this a try too. I mixed it with water and applied on to active acne, did not use lemon or curd, neither used it twice daily. Doing all this in morning was a bit of a challenge for me. Mornings I do not get enough time to do proper skin care. So after applying once daily consistently for one week, I noticed that the pimples which were rash like were itching and drying up, but no effect on the huge cystic acne. This did not arrest the growth of the bigger ones, neither dried them at a faster pace. I lost my patience and started using this a face mask instead.

As a face mask, this works great. It absorbs oil, and when washing off after completely dry, messaging it in circular motion exfoliates the skin very well. Though doing this is not advisable when having active acne. I only started using this as exfoliation only once all my huge cystic acne vanished after using the Nature's Co garlic anti acne cream. Earlier I used to wash off gently just as soon as it starts to dry. It does not make skin dry, you can use it during winters too.

Post usage, you should cleanse your skin with a good quality toner or cleanser, the mask does get into the pores. My Vichy Normaderm toner did pull out remnants of the face packs from my pores, even after washing off well with water.

My thoughts

If you have minor pimple issues, this would help you. For acute cystic acne, this is not much beneficial. If you have recovered from acute acne problems and want to maintain your skin, and need a mask to maintain your skin's oil balance, then this is a great option.

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