A foiled eyeliner !?!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Milani Cosmetics Fierce Foil Eyeliner Black Gold Foil

Let's talk about something interesting today. A foiled eyeliner. The makeup world has become to innovative and nowadays we get everything starting from eye shadows to lip products in foiled texture. So why not an eyeliner then. I have never come across an eyeliner of this kind until I spotted them on Milani website. They call it fierce foil eyeliner and has 4 options to chose from. I chose the Black gold foil. And today's post is all about that.
You might be wondering now, how to get these in India? I already did a post on this topic eralier. You might want to check it out here and also my haul post on Milani Cosmetics here.

Milani Cosmetics Fierce Foil Eyeliner Black Gold Foil


The eyeliner comes in a pot  with a screw transparent lid. I love Milani packaging, all their products looks so pretty, something that any girl would want to display on their vanity. the Brand does provide a very good quality liner brush in the package as well which by far the best brush I have used for this kind of pot of gel liners. The brush is stiff and also soft at the same time, has the perfect angle to draw that perfect wing.

Texture and pigmentation

It has a waxy and hard texture with a soft surface if I am explaining correctly. if you dip you finger the eyeliner will transfer just like those Colourpop eye shadows. It does not have a gel texture hence I have not seen the eyeliner to dry out and get crumbly. It has quite large specs of gold glitter which is visible but not chunky enough that it would cause fall out. The texture is perfectly foiled. The pigmentation is not that of jet black, looks a bit of grayish, this may be because of the foiled texture. In any way, looks beautiful on the eyes.

Retails for $8

Milani Cosmetics Fierce Foil Eyeliner Black Gold Foil
Milani Cosmetics Fierce Foil Eyeliner Black Gold Foil

The texture of this eyeliner is by the far the best I have used. It glides smoothly without any pull or tug. You do need to swipe the brush over the product for couple of times to scoop out a decent amount of product on the brush. Only then you would have an even application in one stroke to line your entire eye lid. I have noticed that even if you have gloop of product on the brush, it applies effortlessly without going all over the places. I feel the texture of the brush aides to this ease of application.

Once applied the liner do not set to a matte, non transferable finish. If you have hooded eyelid, it will smudge. On oily eyelid this is not smudge proof either. So to retain its longevity in this case, prime your eye and powder it well to have a matte base. More than liner I must say, I love this as an eye shadow base to create smokey eye. It blend beautifully and since it has a foiled texture, you really do not need to do much to create a smokey look. The hint of glitter adds to the glam already.

My thoughts

I definitely recommend. Its unique and one pot will last you many many months. I have been using this for more than six months and still it has not hit pan. If you have someone who can get it for you from U.S then you should get it. Or if you are availing other options to ship the product to India, then may be club with friends so that you can split the shipping charges or custom duty if any. I love this for the subtle touch of glam, especially for those lazy or on the run days where I just do not have any time to do all that jazz for my eye makeup. Basic eyeliner and mascara is all the time I have. And when the liner is foiled, my daytime glam is already in place.

Milani Cosmetics Fierce Foil Eyeliner Black Gold Foil

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  1. This looks totally gorgeous as an eye liner.

  2. Good review. very well written.