The Nature's Co Garlic Anti Acne Cream Review

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Nature's Co Garlic Anti Acne Cream Review

Gosh, my last post was such a long time ago, more than a week I would say. If you have read it, if not then read it here,  you might remember that I mentioned about an hero product for acne. If you have acne, mild ones, the moderate ones or even the horrendous cystic ones which leaves behind the pitted scars from hell ! Then stick on, do not close the browser, this is a post for you. 

If you ask me, I have accepted Mr. Acne as a part of my family, like those pesky relatives who pops is once in a while and when they pop, they are not eager to leave! Like unwanted guests. This year, as I am saying Good Bye to it, if I sit and reminisce on all the good times and bad, there was one common friend in all of it. MR. ACNE !! Then along came Polly in the form of this magic potion in a jar.

I have never used The Nature's Co products before, but I do remember the packaging used to be different. Now they have changed it, oomph-ed it up with unique concept. If you look closely, it looks as if an egg is sitting on a bird's nest. How cute! The tub also has a lid on top to prevent spillage.

Retails for Rs 895 for 50 ml
Available online Here or in store at South City mall in Kolkata

The Nature's Co Garlic Anti Acne Cream Review
The Nature's Co Garlic Anti Acne Cream Review
The Nature's Co Garlic Anti Acne Cream Review

About the ingredients

Garlic has great anti-oxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. I remember when I was hitting puberty and got my first pimple ( not an achievement of any sort ! ), my grand-mother used to tell me, cut a garlic and dab on it. Me, too ignorant to granny's advice, swayed in by the TV commercials used to try so many random products. Should have listened to her. This product also has tomato extracts which is again great for acne, pigmentation and makes skin glow. Something to note that the ingredients list is not full. The mention cream base and preservative q.s makes me wonder, does it have silicones ? probably yes, does it have parabens ? again probably yes, or may be even mineral oil, one would never know. Because no where in the package it is mentioned that it is free of all of these.

Texture and fragrance

This has the most weird texture of any skin care product I have used till date. When you touch it in between fingers, this feels extremely sticky almost like how a molten chocolate would feel. From first impression this even looks like molten candy melts, smelling sweet like candy. Nevertheless when you apply and message for a about a minute into your skin, the product gets absorbed into the skin completely without any feeling of tackiness, no oiliness. Skin just feels like skin, a bit firm and pores looks minimized. Can be used as a primer cum moisturizer before foundation application.

The Nature's Co Garlic Anti Acne Cream Review
The Nature's Co Garlic Anti Acne Cream Review

My experience and thoughts

I have been using this product for more than 2 months now, applying twice daily. For first 2 weeks on its own and later in combination with the Kimsukadi brightening facial oil from Just Herbs. I give product a good amount of time to work before I jump to any conclusion and share my final thoughts. I had taken these picture when I was half way through the tub, and now when I am writing this review, I have just enough product which would last me for a week. I am almost done with this tub and I definitely need to re-stock.

I have been suffering from the worst acne attack this whole year, I had tried many things which claims to work on acne including the much raved La Roche Posay Effaclar duo. Some helped a little to combat but nothing totally eradicated the problem until this garlic cream. When I started using this, both of my cheeks were covered with big painful cysts. And it had already been 2 weeks of using the Kimsukadi facial oil, which by the way did nothing for my acne nor for acne marks. So I stopped the facial oil usage for a while to give the cream a try. 

The first day when I used this, I was literally shocked to see the next day, the pain was almost gone, and then with daily usage, the acne size was reducing drastically. Most importantly, no new acne popped. In the first 2 weeks of use ,all of my active acne had dried and they were in the stage of reduction of size. I had got this similar effect from Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Brightening night cream 2 years back, but Kama one is an all rounder. It hydrated my skin really well during winters, which somehow I felt that The Nature Co one failed to do. So I started using Kimsukadi along with it. The cream continued to heal my acne and reduce acne marks also, while the Kimsukadi oil brightened my skin, hydrated my skin and gave it a healthy glow. It has been more than 2 months now, and there has been no acne even during that time of the month when Aunty Flo visits town. All the small rash like acne has gone completely and their marks had also reduced, almost gone. The big ones have pitted scars, which are healing slowly. The oiliness is in much control.

I have not been impressed by any anti-acne cream in a long time and I have used quite a few. This one is surely a gem, perfect for all year around. In winter this might not be enough to moisturize your skin. But it is great in healing acne. The picture below is my skin as of today. Though the picture did not come out to be of good quality but you can make out clearly the pitted scars which used to be humongous painful cysts once. You can see how my skin used to be in the post HERE. Before I started using the garlic cream, it was in much worse condition than the picture on that post.

I am highly impressed by this, its within 1000 bucks ( which has become the new range of affordability when it comes to skin cream ) and if used twice daily, one tub will last you for more than 2 months easily. I highly recommend this if you are suffering from acne and looking for a cream for your oily skin.

Product sent by brand. My opinions are honest and unbiased

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  1. even I wonder abt the parabens/silicoe part
    even the price is a bit high for TNC products

  2. I feel your pain as my acne too is like yours :(
    nice detailed post
    even I feel we tend to ignore our grannies & their wisdom
    also TNC prices ! High ! wonder what all the fuss is abt as they use chemicals

  3. Garlic k barey me mujhy bhi pata tha ki acne me useful rehta hai, per ye accha hua na ki cream bhi aa gai wo bhi trusted brand se 👍
    Mujhy to acne ys pimples ka problem nahi hai per jisko hogs usey ye cream jarur recommend karungi
    Nice n detailed review 👍👌

  4. Wow... this seems to be pretty good. I had heard some negative reviews of The Nature's Co products from blogger friends. This review has changed my opinion. I will give this a try and see as I too have acne and acne scars.

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  5. The product sounds really impressive. I don't suffer from acne anymore yet I will suggest this to my friend who is suffering from acne. Great review.

  6. wow it seems nice to rarely that an Anti Acne product works so has to be in my pocket....very soon. Thanks dear for sharing. BTW I am loving your reviews

  7. Can u share your recent photo .. if your scars has reduced


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  9. This product review is awesome as I also have almost same experience with this product. I was looking for the some best anti acne products and I found this. Thanks for sharing this review.

  10. wow it seems nice to post thanks for the sharing.

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