Lass Naturals Coconut & Jasmine Body Butter Review

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Lass Naturals Coconut & Jasmine Body Butter Review

I have used quite a few products from Lass Naturals by now and some had worked really well for me and some may be not so much. This body butter is the last of all the products which were sent to me this summer. I had used this during summer and then kept aside to use over the winters, more because the texture of it I felt was way too heavy for summers. But do I feel the same way even now ? Today's post is all about this paraben and mineral oil free body butter.

The most impressive part of this particular brand is their ingredients list, all of their products being paraben free, mineral oil free, cruelty free and made with all natural ingredients and organically sourced, GMP certified ingredients hits all the sweet notes for me.

Retails for Rs 535 for 125 gms, a mid ranged price bracket when it comes to body butter. Hence I would say affordable. Available online on many Indian e-commerce portals and also on their own site HERE.

Lass Naturals Coconut & Jasmine Body Butter Review

" Summer never really dies when you treat yourself to the dreamy fragrance of Jasmine. This lightly fragranced exotic body butter is designed to nourish your skin while giving long lasting hydration. Made from only the finest ingredients, this rich & non-greasy body cream revitalizes your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Blended with Shea and Cocoa Butter, this body cream naturally relieves extra dry skin, helping it to repair and retain moisture. "

Lass Naturals Coconut & Jasmine Body Butter Review


The body butter comes in a hard plastic tub packaging, simple, yet sturdy. 

About the ingredients

Formulated with shea butter, kokum butter, beeswax, cocoa butter, all very moisturizing and hydrating butters. It also has coconut oil, almond oil and vitamin E along with fragrance and some chemicals thrown in as emulsifiers and preservatives.

Texture and fragrance

Though it has some fantastic ingredients but the formulation is such that makes the texture of the body butter very thick, heavy and almost waxy. It does have a whipped texture, but still very thick almost like Boroline. Due to which on dry skin, it gets a little difficult to spread the product smoothly.  The product then adheres to body hairs and you need to message really well for the product to get absorbed. But on a little moist skin, the product glides smoothly and gets absorbed into skin without any stickiness and residue. The fragrance is a mix of coconut and jasmine. I am all into any body product which smells of jasmine. But in this, the coconut fragrance does overpowers the delicate fragrance of jasmine. It smells very sweet, candy like and lingers for quite a long time. The whole room smells of it. My remarks the fragrance as that of a room freshener ! It's that strong.

Lass Naturals Coconut & Jasmine Body Butter Review
Lass Naturals Coconut & Jasmine Body Butter Review

My experience and thoughts

I am not quite a big fan of the sweet fragrance. I would have loved it if the jasmine fragrance would have been more with a hint of coconut. Then again its a personal preference really. The best time to apply this is after shower with lightly towel dried skin. You skin must have some water left on it for the butter to glide on smoothly and get absorbed quickly. On certain occasion, if your skin feels a bit dry and you would want to apply the body butter on to dry skin, then its an issue. Because of its thick texture, spreading it becomes a difficult task on dry skin. The butter then adheres to the body hairs and somehow feels as if it is sitting on top of skin and not getting absorbed, feeling sticky. For which you need to give it a good amount of time to settle down, only then the stickiness subsides. Who has that much of time when you are in a hurry !

The moisturizing capability of the body butter is quite impressive though. No dryness of skin till the next day until I take a shower. I used it a little bit during the summer, as it was quite heavy for that season especially in a hot and humid city like Kolkata. In winters, it is perfect. I still use it after shower, in the morning. And I am sorted till the next day. I keep the tub in my bathroom shelf, as the butter is best applied on a little moist skin.

Overall, though the fragrance is too sweet for my taste and liking, the body butter is extremely moisturizing, I find it to be a decent one for the winters. For summers it is not a good choice.

Product sent by Brand. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. I've used the soaps & found them to be okay
    nice review though

  2. looks nad sounds good
    Jasmine scent when done badly gives me headache

  3. A paraben free, mineral oil free body butter sounds good. And I love coconut fragrances. Will give it a try. Nice and detailed review :)

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