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Monday, December 26, 2016

I used to stay in Bangalore for some time of my life. And oh, there are so many things which Southern parts of India made me love. The places, the people and most importantly the food. I truly miss the idlis and crispy dosas for breakfast. The murukkus and banana chips especially the ones fried in coconut oil, for snacking on. The Coorgi panni curry which a colleague of mine used to get for lunch, the avial, pongal, sambhar and so many other deliciousness. And off course tumblers and tumblers of strong filter coffee, which the MDP counter at my office got me addicted to. When I left Bangalore, I knew one thing for sure that I just cannot leave without the good old filter coffee, filter kaafi more precisely. So along with all the treats and things that I could pack with me, I did buy a stainless steel traditional pot filters and packets and packets of filter coffee that came along with me to Kolkata.

Once back, I introduced my family to filter coffee and just as expected, they loved it. For many things, until my stock lasted, instant coffee was long forgotten. I used to keep the coffee to filter all night. And next day before I started my day, I fixed myself with a cup. Though my family who are ardent tea drinker, got their fix with a cup of tea. For me, it was only coffee. 

Once my stock was over, I did search for good south Indian chicory blend coffee in our local super market but couldn't really spot many options. There are those Italian ones available which are expensive and did not quite have that desi taste which my tongue just love. And the cheaper ones were not that great. I think since Kolkatans are not much of a coffee drinker, more so filter coffee,  not much variety are available in local supermarkets.

Just when I thought I have to say goodbye to my love for filter coffee, the divine intervention does have a strange way to surprise you. One fine day I spot MDP counter in the Kolkata office and Hallelujah !! But there's something better. There is a brand called Beanstalk and leaves who are angel in disguise for the ardent filter coffee lover like me. Kudos to these 2 gentlemen, the men behind the brand who concocts artisan blends of the perfect south Indian filter coffee. 

There are 3 variants and comes in a pack of 250 grams, price ranges from Rs 295 to Rs 355, based on which variant you are buying. For someone who had paid somewhere around Rs 800 for a chicory blend coffee powder, these are very very affordable.

They are packaged in zip locked black pouch with information about the blend pasted on back. The creativity on describing the blendas deserves a round of applause. Read on the velvet dew one, 
"Helps in putting your angry neighbors, girl friends and ex-girlfriends in good mood ". LOL!

Buy them from Amazon only.

Out of the 3 variants, Shotgun in my favorite, I like the string taste and aroma of it. Both smooth operator and velvet dew I have found to be very rounded, aromatic and well balance flavor. I am not a coffee connoisseur and there's no way can I describe the taste to you. All I know is I love the tastes even more that the MDP coffee that I get in my office. I have tastes quite many authentic south Indian filter coffee in the past and this is by far the best one among all. On weekends a good read and a large cup of this is my absolute nirvana in this chilly winter.

If you are a filter coffee lover like me, I highly suggest that you give these a try. I am happy that, thanks to e-commerce and little artisan brand like these, I can have all the things I love, which are not quite easily available in the place where I live, at my finger tips.

While I was jotting this post for you all, you know what was there beside me along, yep, the cuppa that puts me in a good mood.

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