VLCC Lovable Lips in Cherry and Strawberry review

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Winter is coming, so is the season of chapped lips. Though we need lip balms all year around thanks to our frequent use of liquid lipsticks, but in these drier months, one just cannot survive without lip balms. 
For me, I like my lip balms to be non sticky, should not feel heavy on my lips and I detest the the high shine ones which bleeds and looks horrible. That's why mostly I use pure Shea butter to moisturize my lips.

These VLCC ones comes enriched with jojoba oil, almond oil, vitamin E and an SPF of 15. Though these has been around for quite some time and the older ones used to retail for Rs 99. I think they have been packaged in a new color coded tube with increased price to Rs 125 and change in the formula as per the package information. The cherry flavor is the older version and the strawberry one is the new. You can clearly see the difference in package and ingredients in the pictures below. The tube case is however very flimsy and the balm sticks feels a bit wobbly inside for both the versions.

About the ingredients

The older version has all natural ingredients. It had shea butter, coco butter, castor oil and of course vitamin E. There is no mention about the SPF ingredients, hence the ingredients list is not a complete one. And there is no mention of it being mineral oil free as well.

In the new version, the strawberry one, there is mention of the sunscreen ( octyl methoxycinnamate cinnamate and benzophenone-3 ) , it also has a chemical wax ( performalene pl ) along with natural ingredients. The chemical wax part makes me raise my eye brow. 


You can see from the swatch above, the strawberry swatched smoothly and the cherry one is looking patchy. The older formula is stiff, does not glide smoothly. One need to go over couple of times to apply properly.  It does not smell like cherry and has a sweet candy like fragrance. If you have extremely dry lips with flaky skin, this will clings on to it and when the lip balm settles it, it accentuates those dry skins, but softens them. So one just have to scrub off the lips with finger or a tissue and make it smooth again and then re-apply. On the plus side, it does not make lips overly shiny, gives a little hint of redness to lips, looks and feels velvetty and comfortable and hydrates the lips really well. The matte liquid lipsticks goes on smoothly on top without losing much of their ultra matte formula.

The strawberry one ( the new version ) on the other hand, glides smoothly, imparts a healthy flush of redness to lips with a hint of shine without being too glossy. This too clings on to dry skin of lips, but then softens them and they can be easily scrubbed off with finger and the balm can be reapplied. This too does not smell divinely of strawberries, just has a synthetic sweet berry fragrance. There is just a very minor difference between the two versions and that too on the texture. Performance wise both are identical.

In its all pros and cons, these are very hydrating on lips along with protecting it from sun's harmful rays. So far these has saved me from getting chapped lips. And I use liquid lipsticks daily, which does make my lips very very dry. They are affordable and easily available in any local cosmetics stores. So these winter season, I suggest you give these a try. 

* Product sent by brand for consideration. My views are honest

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  1. Looks like a great affordable lip balm to try out this winter