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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Many women I personally know, specially my mother dread the winters, for it makes skin dry and dull. My mom had already started cribbing about her skin getting dry, heels cracking, chapped lips. And has started stocking up her winter care in an utmost frenzy. But for me it is my favorite season of all. By using the right kind of skin care I need not worry about all the skin woes that winter brings in. One such right kind of skincare is a good body scrub for exfoliation. Given the fact that I literally feel there should be more than 24 hours in a day, I do run short of time. I need something to exfoliate my dry skin, moisturizing it at the same time without making me worry about body butters and body lotions there after. One such great product is this pomegranate brown sugar body scrub by Natural Bath and Body.


Tub packaging, came tightly sealed with an aluminium foil to prevent spillage. I suggest you keep a wooden spoon handy to scoop out product if you do not want to dip your fingers to maintain hygiene.

About the ingredients

Listed in the picture above. Has impressive list of oils and butters along with beeswax and other moisturizing chemical agents. It also has river sand, something I had never come across in skin care product before. It's a natural exfoliating agent and it seems many of exfoliating skin care products has this.


When I opened the tub, the oils and butter was at one side, the brown sugar and river sand mixture was at one corner. The formula some how separated in tumble and turn during shipping. I mixed it with a spoon and it was all good. The texture is very oily/buttery with sugar particles in between. Smells sweet of pomegranate. I personally like the smell of citrus fruits or flowers in my bath products. But the pomegranate smell is not that bad.

Price and availability

Rs 425 for 100gm. But you would get it cheaper at most online stores.
 I got mine from Aplava


I used this just as the direction suggests, on moist skin and then scrubbing with the required quantity. I have noticed that when I followed this method, the sugar melts when it comes in contact with water, and I do not get most exfoliation out of it. So now I use the scrub directly on dry skin. It exfoliates better. The sugar crystals are coarse enough to slough off dead cells, in growths and after wash my skin feels soft, smooth, glowy and very much moisturized. I use it thrice a week and I am quite happy with the results. 

I have been using this scrub on and off all throughout summer and monsoon. But I am loving it more now than back then. Honestly I did not even reach for it much and mostly it took a back shelf . From the ingredients list you can see that this is loaded with oils and butters which are too heavy to be used in the warm humid months. After wash, it leaves behind a oily residue which made my skin feel quite heavy and sticky. Though when you wash off with luke warm water, some of the oily residue does wash off, but my skin still felt oily. And it hot summer days, bathing with luke warm water is not at all refreshing for me. I need ice cold water to energize myself. Hence I did not prefer it much during those months. Now that the weather is getting drier and cooler, this works really well. Now I have to take bath with luke warm water which washes of residual stickiness and anything remaining gets absorbed into my dry skin easily. I do not have to use any body butter or lotions on the days I use this, and my skin does stays moisturized all through out. 

Overall, I feel this to be a great body scrub for the winters, it is quite affordable given the fact it has organic moisturizing butters in it. I do recommend you to try this to maintain your summer glowy skin during the winter season as well.

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  1. The scrub looks absolutely yummy. Thanks for sharing this wonderful product. Will try it in these winters...

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  2. I have used a sample pack of moisturizer and a face mask from this brand and both were really good with an impressive ingredient list, this scrub looks perfect for winters fro my dry skin

  3. I love sugary body scrubs.. this one looks nice.