Lass Naturals SPF 50 + sunscreen hydro gel review

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lass Naturals SPF 50 + sunscreen hydro gel review

This review is very well over due. I had used this in the summer , clicked pictures in the summer, and oh look. its winter. The "will post this next time" bug bit me real hard with this and things got delayed and overlooked for ages. Finally today, its going up. Phew !!

Don't you think sunscreen is the only skin care product which is an always constant. One can never skip this can they !

Tell me honestly, what just catches your fancy right away when you spot the bottle. For me it is "paraben free and mineral oil free" tag. Oh, how much I fancy for these kind of skin care products.

"Oil-free and fast absorbing formulation provide safer, stabler, and high SPF sun protection. Formulated with specialized encapsulated UV filter "SunCat DE" to protection against harmful UVA & UBA rays. Water based sunscreen is best suited for normal to oily and acne prone skin. Natural actives help to brighten dull skin."

The product description is just what every girl wants from their sunscreen and that too at an affordable price point. And it comes in a pump dispensing bottle too. Brilliant.

This one retails for Rs 255 for 50 ml. You can buy online from Lass Naturals website.

Lass Naturals SPF 50 + sunscreen hydro gel review

About the ingredients ( with a little help from Mr Google )

SunCat DE is an encapsulated organic sunscreen, a mix of  water, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, benzophenone-3,  phospholipids & 1,3-butylene glycol. When a sunscreen is encapsulated, it is more stable, it does not degenerate when it comes of UVA and UVB rays and change into free radicals, potentially damaging skin in return. The encapsulation coating is usually done by silica, polymers or enzymes. This process also prevents chemical sunscreens from penetrating into skin as they make them less penetrable. So, no harmful side effects for acne prone skin. In short, this is a chemical sunscreen made safer for skin.

It has rose water, aloe vera, licorice extract to help in hyperpigmentation, mulberry extracts which acts as skin whitening. There are other ingredients which goes into the formulation like olivatis ( emulsifier ), fucogel ( acts as healing, soothing moisturizer), twin 20 (emulsifier), fragrance, Euxyl K 510 (easily washable preservative) , BiopolU-21 (Carbomer), Triethanolamine (pH adjuster).

Lass Naturals SPF 50 + sunscreen hydro gel review

With all those practicals above, how does this sunscreen actually perform ?

It has an unique texture. Its soft gel like, looks and feels like a gel based moisturizer, nothing like a sunscreen. No heavy gloopy feeling, no stickiness, no sillicony texture. Smells a bit different, ignoring that because I just love the texture. No white cast, no grey ashy-ness, no turning the skin into a tanned mess ( which some sunscreen do a lot ). Does not turn face into an oil slick after a while too. The sunscreen seemed to be a God sent for me, honestly I had never come across anything quite like this. And my super finicky husband, who would not step outside without sunscreen when holidaying in beach destinations, loved this to core. He hated Vichy. Neutrogena and even Suncros. According to him all these above made his skin tan like leather and made his face look dull, and I second that, they truly do. But this one, boy oh boy, no tanning.

I liked all the three above brands because they did not break me out, my acne breakouts seemed to be in control along with my other skin care routine along with these sunscreens. The best way to know if your sunscreen is working for you when you have acne prone skin, is your breakouts on cheeks. With this Lass Naturals one. every time I used it, a new ugly friend popped up on my cheek. No kidding, I was like "why oh why ? you are too perfect". I tried this on different times, but each time, it broke me out. I think something in the formula, is giving a reaction in my skin. On the other hand, my husband who is genetically blessed with good skin and hair, had no break out whatsoever, and he uses this, is about to finish the bottle almost and had also asked me to restock.

Overall, if you generally do not have acne, or any sensitivity, or you seldom breakout with products, get this with any doubt. You would love it for sure. But if you do breakout easily, I suggest you try these too, you never know this might not break you out.

Lass Naturals SPF 50 + sunscreen hydro gel review
Lass Naturals SPF 50 + sunscreen hydro gel review

*Product send by brand. My review is honest and unbiased.

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  1. it seems we need to try this, have heard about this for first time but your review speaks a lot to try