BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Color Review

Monday, November 14, 2016

As much as it hurts me to admit but I am a not so proud possessor of a lot of gray hair. That too they are there in a not so forgiving place, just above my forehead and temple region. You come and say Hi to me, they are there to greet you first. Since my mid twenties my hair started graying rapidly and loosing its place from my skull rapidly too. How much I wish that the grey hair would fall off. But no, all the precious black ones has to say Tah-tahs and good byes to me forever. To add salt to my wounds, I have an extremely irritable scalp condition, super sensitivity, allergic to sulfates. Get the picture, its not that pretty one is it !
So I never color my hair, I had always been relying on natural henna to give a brown tint to my grays. I am scared of putting chemicals and make matter even worse. So with a lot of courage I tried out the new Bblunt Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Color in the shade Coffee ( natural brown).

There are 7 shades available to choose from and shades are craftily curated to suit Indian skin tone. There are many at home hair coloring system available in the market. What makes this unique is its no ammonia formula which covers grays 100% at an remarkable price point. This retails for Rs 225/- but now you can get it at an introductory offer of Rs 199/-. Its available online and everywhere in local general stores as well.

It is a three part system containing of 1 tube of creme colorant ( 50 gm), 1 tube of developer ( 50gm), 1 tube of shine tonic ( ml). It also comes with a pair of gloves and an instruction manual which is a must read, before you jump into the whole process. It is instructed to do a hyper sensitivity test by applying a dollop mix of all of three ingredients to the back of your ear and leave it for 48 hours to check for any irritation, rash and sensitivity. I did not keep for 48 hours as I could not roam around and run errands with color behind my ear. As I mostly tie up my hair in a bun. I kept my patch test for around 2 hours and did notice a little itching and tingling sensation. Then again, I have an extremely sensitive skin. I did the same patch test to my mother, she felt nothing. So I kinda knew that I can never go ahead and do a global coloring ever, I only have to apply to the areas with gray hair which is easily noticeable. And that's what I did.

I took equal quantity of colorant and developer in a glass bowl added a little bit of shine tonic. Mixed it all well. The product has a non drip formula which makes the application just like a dream. It is super easy and I could manage all on my own. Put on the gloves and applied the color, kept it for 30 mins and washed off with lukewarm water until water ran clear, followed by TBS Rainforest shampoo. I do not use any conditioner as most contains silicones ( again something which my scalp just do not like ), so skipped conditioning.

Honestly, it is really impressive on how it covers grays. My absolute whites are covered and they are a shade of lighter brown now. It looks just a shade lighter than the color on my normal hair, but not noticeable. The coffee shade is almost perfect for my hair. I think the shade Chocolate would been my exact natural hair shade. When the color was on, I did experience a bit of itchiness and I was holding on to my breath and praying to dear Lord, not to take away my remaining hair. On the other hand my mother, who colors her hair frequently, did not feel any itchiness of any sort. You have to use a good quality conditioner, as without that, hair would get dry. The shine tonic does impart a healthy sheen to hair, but without conditioner on, the next day the section of hair where I have colored felt very dry. They claim that the color stays up to 8 weeks, which I am going to see it is lives up to the claims.

I would not disapprove it in any shape or form, for the itchiness experience I had with this for my irritable skin conditions. The leaflet clearly says that if you have any sort scalp condition, dandruff or disease you should not use it at all. So keep that in mind if you are willing to color your hair. Keeping that aside, I am very much pleased with the end results, more so at such an affordable price. If you are someone who colors your hair frequently, then these are a must try for you. 

*Product send by brand. My views are honest.

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