A soap with an inbuilt natural loofah ?

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Khadi Rose and Honey Soap with Loofah

This is my ultimate lazy girl soap. The days when this girl is just way too lazy to pour over body wash on a loofah and scrub and wash and then clean the loofah, squeeze of excess water so that the loofah do not drip. Such a task !  This soap is her saving grace then. Recently I spotted this Khadi Rose and Honey Soap with Loofah in my local pharmacy when I was medicine shopping, when I read that is SLS / Paraben free, there was no second thought in me for purchasing it.

Priced at Rs 125 for 100gm, the soap is reasonably priced being an SLS/paraben free, also an handmade herbal soap with essential oils.

"This triple layer soap features a natural loofah embedded into a layer of smooth rose oil soap, resting on a 2nd layer of moisturizing honey"

Khadi Rose and Honey Soap with Loofah Ingredients
Khadi Rose and Honey Soap with Loofah
Khadi Rose and Honey Soap with Loofah
Khadi Rose and Honey Soap with Loofah


The texture of the soap is like a very good quality glycerin soap. It has a very faint scent of rose with a sweetness of honey. I wished it smelled a little more strongly of roses. For me personally I like divinely smelling bath products, so the scent was definitely let down for me. But for people who likes subtle scents, they may like it. 

It glides on smoothly and lathers well. It cleanses skin well, and the natural loofah exfoliates the skin also well. Since it has a small section of a loofah, it is not too harsh on skin, hence can be used daily. The more you use the soap, the more the loofah part is on the surface, the better exfoliation it gives. I am getting better exfoliation now than compared to initial couple of days of usage. But mind you, this is not to be used on face.

It makes my skin very dry. Post bathing with this a body lotion or a body butter for the upcoming winter months, is a must. It does not have any moisturizing oils or butters in the ingredients list, so I was expecting this to be a drying one.

If the soap is not washed off with water post usage, the lather form a skin of soapy bubbles which is quite unpleasant to see. So I always wash it off with water and store in a perforated soap case. If not, then the soap melts from the bottom to a jelly consistency.

Overall, I think this to be an ok-ish kinda soap. This is not a premium quality hand made soap, neither it is a very average glycerin soap, fairly priced and perfect for a lazy girl like me.

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