Rustic Art Beautiful Secret Organic Feminine Intimate Wash Review

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rustic Art Beautiful Secret Organic Feminine Intimate Wash Review

Oriflame is the brand which introduced the concept of feminine hygiene to me during my college days, when I first spotted their product Feminelle in their brochure. And ever since I have been using it non stop. I did use regular soap and water or shower gel in between when my Oriflame Feminelle would arrive late, but I could clearly notice a difference. Regular soap caused me irritation. So I always pre-stocked Feminelle. Back then, even until couple of years back, I personally was not aware of any other product else but that one. And nowadays there are plenty of options available in the market even sulfate free ones. Knowing Rustic Art makes all sulfate and paraben free products I bought this organic feminine wash to try.

If you have not been using an intimate wash, you should start now. It is very much important to maintain a neutral pH level of women's intimate area and maintain vaginal flora to avoid any infection, bad odor, itchiness etc. Any form of vaginal disease can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing too. Now let's talk about the product.

This claims to cleanse skin without drying it, fights against odor and maintains everyday freshness. Priced at Rs 400 for 100 ml makes it for quite an expensive product, so it better live up to its claims.

Available online. I bought from Nykaa.

Rustic Art Beautiful Secret Organic Feminine Intimate Wash Review
Rustic Art Beautiful Secret Organic Feminine Intimate Wash Review


It comes in a regular flip cap open plastic bottle. 

Texture and Fragrance

The liquid is very runny, looks and feels like saffron infused water and smells like Sunny's AD oil, a citrusy floral scent with a hint of betel leaf ( paan)?. I do not know if you are aware of this oil. It's a message oil for babies and kids which I am sure most of Bengali boys and girls has grew up with. When I was little my mother used to message this oil to me before shower daily. It's very hard to describe the scent, especially for me who sucks in identifying fragrances. Anyhow, the scent is refreshing. 


The ingredients list is also impressive, consisting of moisturizing oils and anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial essential oils. But no where I could spot that this is sulfate or paraben free from the ingredients list.

Rustic Art Beautiful Secret Organic Feminine Intimate Wash Review


As directed, you need to take a few drops on wet palms and rub gently on wet skin to form lather. Initially I used to not follow this and used to pour random quantity and directly use on my intimate areas. As a result, it used to stings me like crazy on the labial wall. Thankfully it did not cause any other irritation, dryness, burning sensation post usage. Now I use very little quantity as directed, lather up the product in my palms and then use the lather to cleanse, and it stings comparatively less.  Being so runny in texture, it does lather well and cleanses the area really well giving a fresh feeling. I have used this even during the time when Aunt Flo is visiting town, then too this has not caused any irritation, else but the little stingy feeling during usage. And only for this reason I might not re-purchase this in future again.

If you are starting off for the first time in female hygiene, then I suggest you buy Feminelle from Oriflame, that one does not cause me any stingy feeling, irritation and fragrance is very refreshing. It costs Rs 479 for 300ml, much cheaper than the Rustic Art one.

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  1. The burning sensation could mean something is off or that it may not suit you as well. Like you said it is best not to repurchase.