Suncros soft matte finish SPF 50+ sunscreen review

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Suncros sunscreen has been around for quite a long time and it is one of the most dermatologists recommended one. I had used many tubs of Suncros Aquagel in SPF 26 in the past, back when the product belonged to Ranbaxy. Last year Sun Pharmacy acquired Ranbaxy, now Sun Pharmacy has launched Suncros in a new avatar which claims to give a matte finish. The other variants, if they are your favorite are still available in the market.

I cannot stress enough how important sunscreen is not only for your face but for your whole day. UVA and UVB rays of the sun damages your skin in every possible way from pre-mature ageing, pigmentation, acne. If you are someone who gets a lot of acne on your cheeks, it's a clear indication that your sunscreen is not working for you, you need a good one.


Tube packaging, hygienic and travel friendly.

Color, texture and fragrance

Pale lemon yellow color, appears creamy white at first glance. At first when I had squeezed out product it came out like a light mousse gel like consistency, But this is not quite long lived though. I had taken the sunscreen on a beach vacation in extreme hot and humid climate ( read Puri ). In the extreme heat at the sea beach ( around 40 degrees ) the sunscreen sort of lost its mousse like texture. Some part of has melted and formed liquid and some part of a bit mousse like. In room temperature it did not regain its initial consistency. So now it comes out gloopy from the tube. The texture is quite silicony. In between fingers it feels as if molten plastic, even it smells of that too. The texture is way too silicony for my liking. There should have been a little bit of mild fragrance, the plasticy smell does bothers me a bit.

A littler bit about the ingredients

When you read "free of chemical agents" it sort of already draws your attention. But be aware that this is not a herbal product. This is pure chemicals, the compound which maketh the sunscreen is not a chemical sunscreen, hence the claim. It is a physical sunscreen. Meaning it just sits on top of your skin and scatters the sun rays away. Unlike chemical sunscreen (  like oxybenone, avobenzone etc ) which gets absorbed into your skin and they absorbs suns UVA and UVB rays and converts them to heat. Chemical sunscreens are also known to be blocking pores, causing acne, pigmentation. So if you are some one who suffers from acne, opt for physical sunscreens only. Zinc oxide , titanium oxide are the ones you should look for in the ingredients list. They will not clog pores and will prevent acne as well. Hence Suncros is totally appropriate for acne prone skin.

Micronized zinc oxide is much more effective as sunblock, it provides the highest spectrum of protection against sun's harmful rays. So these sunscreens can be very expensive as well. If you google about rest of the ingredients, most are silicones, skin conditioning agents and vitamin E.

Price : Rs 545 for 50 gm
Buy from Nykaa at a sale price.
Easily available at any medicine shop as well. I bought from my local medicine shop.


Let me put forward at first what I do not like about the product. I do not like the plasticy smell, gives me a feeling that I am applying some sort of chemical. It is said that you should apply sunscreen generously. But when I apply this generously, my face looks and feels slick. It's not oily or greasy feeling, its a weird slippery slick. Feels as if I have applied pure silicone primer which is not matte. It's shiny. So I powder my face with some loose translucent powder and it makes my face matte. On a very dry skin, it might give you a soft matte finish. By the way the sunscreen works really well as a makeup primer. My foundation goes on so smoothly with this and lasts quite a longer time. Gives me the same lasting effect like the Colorbar primer, with added sun protection as well.

Now coming to what I really like. There is no white cast, it does not make me sweat like other sunscreen, does not clog my pores. When I am out and about, I sweat normally and the sunscreen does not melt away from my skin. It did not break me out. I only get acne on my cheeks, thanks to this touch wood, I have not got any new huge cystic acnes, a proof that the sunscreen is working for me. What is does not do is prevent tanning. When I used this on the beach, my face turned many folds darker within minutes. My forehead tans a lot, and it was almost black. Getting rid of that tan was again a dilemma. I do use this daily, but when I am out in the sun, I always cover my whole face with a scarf, wear sunglasses and use an umbrella.

Overall, I would say that I like the sunscreen, there are definitely certain things which I do not like. But at the end of the day, the only thing matters to me if my skin is well protected. I use Deriva CMS, an adapelene (vitamin A derivative) medicine for acne treatment, The medicine makes skin extremely photo-sensitive and prone to pigmentation and darkening. So for me a good physical sunscreen is absolute must. And Suncros did help me to keep my skin safe. I did not get any hyper pigmentation, neither sun spots. I do have acne spots and thanks to this, they did not turn dark brown. I would recommend this to girls who suffers from cystic acne, you will notice a difference in your acne.

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