Nykaa matte nail lacquer in s'mores milkshake and squid ink mousse

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Nykaa matte nail lacquer in s'mores milkshake and squid ink mousse

Everything has gone matte from our lipsticks, eyeliners, foundations, eye shadows. blushes, like everything under the sun. So why not nail polish. This year I have seen some of the brands has introduced matte nail polishes and Nykaa is one of them. I have never tried their in house products before. So thought of starting off with their newest venture first. Recently I bought two of shades of their matte nail lacquer in s'mores milk shake and squid ink mousse.

Nykaa matte nail lacquer in s'mores milkshake and squid ink mousse

Brand claims

The exquisite matte-finish nail polish formula guarantees one stroke, high-pigment matte perfection.
Its superior patented two-fold plasticizer prevents chipping.
It contains a UV filter that resists discoloration and offers a rich color pay-off.
Smooth and gorgeous coverage in a single coat and a stunning, plumping effect in a double coat.
These beautiful shades will make sure your nails are best-dressed always.

Rs 199 for a single peice.
Available in Nykaa
Quantity not mentioned in the bottle

Nykaa matte nail lacquer in s'mores milkshake and squid ink mousse
Nykaa matte nail lacquer in s'mores milkshake and squid ink mousse


 I love the matte frosted bottle packaging. The cap is quite elongated which aides in better grip and smooth application. The bristles are quite soft and applies quite smoothly without any hindrance

Texture and formulation

The texture is not very runny neither thick and dries really fast. You have to make sure you keep the mouth of the bottle covered while you are applying the nail polish, the formula does dry up and thickens. While applying also the same thing happens, the nail polish in the brush thickens up and application can get very patchy. You have to apply quite quickly. I apply with the fan and the AC on. I really like that Nykaa has thought of the quality of the product and made it free from Toluene, DBP, (Dibutyl phthalate) Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. These are known to be very harmful and these formulas are free from all of these.


Since the shades are matte, single coat looks very streaky. As the formula dries out quickly, if you are not a pro in applying nail polish, sometimes the finish can end up being a little unflattering.  You have to apply at least double coats for a smooth finish. Just as the company claims, multiple coats gives a plumping effect to nails. The formula dries out quickly, hence you don't have to wait have to wait for long ton apply second coat. The formula sets off to a matte finish and it stays like that for couple of days but after that it starts to get a bit shiny and ends up being a satin finish. And this is due to external agents like applying hand creams, body lotion and even the naturals oils of our skin.


Honestly I have never come across any nail polish which survives chipping for almost a week without any base or top coat. I have seen the nails to chip from around 4th day and that too very less. I am very much impressed with the longevity of the formula.

Nykaa matte nail lacquer in s'mores milkshake

Shade 29 - S'mores milkshake

Its a very unique shade, a pale creamy colour with a very little hint of lavender. On fair to medium wheatish skin tone the shade looks very pretty. You can almost get away with single coat as the colour is quite opaque and almost creamy white. This shade I have noticed chipped very less given the fact that I did my normal chores as usual. Just as the company claims, the color does not fade with sunlight and it does not stain nails also. But if you are applying in your right hand and eat food fingers, the Indian spices in our gravies would stain the colour.
Nykaa matte nail lacquer in squid ink mousse

Shade 14 - Squid ink mousse

I wish I could have taken a picture of this shade after one week, I just totally forgot, as I had noticed this dark shade to chip more than the previous one and I had removed it yesterday. But the shade is again very very unique. Its bluish black gothic shade is something that I have never come across before. I am really loving this shade. This would look good on any skin tone.

Overall, I am really impressed with these unique shades that Nykaa has launched and also with their safe, cruelty free formulations. Its true to the brand claims. Matte nail polish might not be a cup of tea for everyone but if you can rock them, they look really pretty and fashionable. If you are trying out for the first time then I suggest you go for Nykaa ones. I know 200 bucks for nail polish is quite expensive but they are 100 bucks cheaper than the Colorbar ones.
Nykaa matte nail lacquer in s'mores milkshake and squid ink mousse

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  1. I love the shade Smores Milkshake. Both of them look pretty on your nails. The longevity is truly awesome. Nice NOTD...

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  2. Both shades are so pretty! I have them in pink meringue and blueberry frosting. 💞