Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color In 005 Everlasting Wine

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Usually before buying anything I google about it and look for some reliable review. Honestly, I do not buy any product just to feature on blog. I use everything that I buy unless the product is not working for me at all. I wish I had read reviews of this product before jumping into the ship. I was aware that this was available in US, but since not available in India, did not bother much to google on it.
I spotted these lippies couple of weeks back in Pantaloons and I bought myself one. I got in the shade everlasting wine, thinking fall is knocking on the door, and dark wine color would be so appropriate for the season. But it was such a bad decision (more on that later). Should have bought the n*de shade.

Maybelline New York introduces a real life beauty champion, the only 24HR Life Proof Lipstick Super Stay 24 HR Color. Meet the 24-hour lip color that stretches the limits of long-wear. Formula with Micro-Flex looks & feels fabulous after 24 hours.

No crumbling, no caking, no fading, no feathering, no transferring. 
Gives you high coverage without bleeding. 2-step lip color in one pack. In 14 gorgeous long-lasting shades.


Its a two product packaging. One end has the liquid lipstick with a doe foot applicator. On the other end there is a clear balm.

Color , consistency and pigmentation

It's a deep wine shade. The liquid lipstick is quite thick, almost the consistency of a gloss. It is very pigmented. The balm has a waxy texture and very hydrating.

Price : Rs 600
Available at Nykaa

How to apply

Apply liquid lip color to clean, bare lips.

Allow two minutes to dry, then apply the ultra-conditioning balm to seal in moisture.

Reapply balm as needed.

Remove with an oil-based makeup remover.


The day I bought it, the next day, I had a rice ceremony lunch invitation of my friend's nephew. I wore a beautiful pale wine colored pure silk saree in Madhubani print and this lip color shade would pair with it perfectly. So I thought of using it on that day first.

The liquid part of the lip color glides on smoothly, but it feels tacky and like glue once applied. The company asks you to wait for 2 minute to allow it to dry but I have noticed that it dries well within 30-40 secs. Once its completely dry, it starts to feel really uncomfortable on lips. Exactly as if liquid glue has dried on my lips and formed a thin layer of rubbery skin. So layering the balm on top is a must. The balm adds comfort and shine but needs reapplication as soon it gets absorbed in the lips. Without the balm it is really uncomfortable.

During the lunch invitation, I drank water, cold drinks and the lip color survived. But when I had lunch, the Indian way, eating with my hands, the lip color just wiped off with the oily food. It disappeared from the center of my lips very unevenly and there was clear separation of outer section of my lips with color on and inner section with absolutely no color. It does not leave behind any stain. I had no idea about how hideous my lips looked until one of my friend joked, "Eto kheyechis j lipstick o kheye felechis" ( you ate so much that you ate your lipstick too ).  I was not carrying the lip color so could not fix the hideousness. I tried to remove the left over lip color with tissue and water and to my vain I just ended up hurting my lips. Once back home, my Bioderma also failed to remove it. Only oil could remove it.

I have tested it many times after that and here's what I have noticed. If your lips has balm on, this would not apply properly. Your lips has to be completely dry. If you would want it to apply like stain, that would not happen either. If you press your lips to spread the color, it forms skins and wipes off if you have balm underneath, or becomes a patchy mess on dry lips. You cannot apply little, this shade in particular then applies very patchy. You have to draw your lips carefully with this, if any mistakes, then you might end up ruining your makeup while trying to remove it.

One thing for sure, that this does not crack on my lips and if you manage to eat and drink carefully ( avoiding any kind of oily food ) then the lipstick does stay for hours and hours. But honestly, who needs lipstick to stay for 20 hours ? If that is your requirement then you would like it. But all other factors of this lip color do not make me reach for it. I would use the balm for sure as it quite hydrating, but the lip color not so much. I wish I had bought n*de shade, at least I could have managed with it. But with darker shade when the lip color fades off this unevenly, it's not a pretty sight at all.

Have you used this lip color yet ? If so, what are your thoughts on it. Do let me know on my comments below. Not sure if I am the only one who do not like it much.

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  1. Initially I thought a two-in-product sounded awesome. But the results seem disappointing. I think I will skip this. Thanks for sharing the review.

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  2. This is more brown than wine but looks really nice.

  3. I haven't tried it either, but your pics look pretty and lip color suits you, its more of a fall winter shade but the formula could have been better