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Thursday, September 08, 2016

There are so many small and large scale companies nowadays which curates all natural harsh chemical free products and this makes me really happy. I like to have options available you see. Ma Earth Botanicals is one such brand which has quite a selection of products. Quite some time ago I had received some samples from them and let me start the post by saying, some of them are the best damn thing I have ever used.

Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Shower Gel
Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Shower Gel Ingredients

Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Shower Gel
Rs 675 for 230 ml
Buy from HERE

Anything sulfate free, paraben free and I am already sold. And if it has my favorite rose scent, I am sold even more. Being sulfate free, a small quantity on a wet loofah unexpectedly lathers really well, you really do not need much. The lather and foam do not die down either, and will cover your whole body. This cleanses effectively without causing any irritation to my sensitive skin. And the fragrance is just amazing, it has a sweet rose scent and quite a strong one, without being over powering. When I just open the cap, the bathroom gets filled with the rose scent. The scent transfers on to skin and lingers for more than an hour. This is indeed the best SLS free rose scented shower gel I have ever used. And honestly I am loving this a wee bit more than my much raved the Fab India wild rose body wash. I am going to purchase the full size for sure. I know its a bit expensive, but this is one of those splurge things which you just cannot ignore.

Ma earth Botanicals Rose Water Toner
Ma earth Botanicals Rose Water Toner Ingredients

Ma earth Botanicals Rose Water Toner
Rs 575 for 230ml
Buy from HERE

The rose water is quite good actually. Reminds me a lot of the Kama Ayurveda Rose Water. This tones, hydrates, calms and soothes skin and my acne skin has been loving this. When ever I feel that my face is feeling a bit oily and irritated, I apply some of this and it instantly soothes my skin. I know rose water is available in the market a plenty. So if you have a rose water which gives you the similar effect and it much cheaper, then I suggest you stay with it. But if you are using the Kama Ayurveda one then I suggest you get this one, as this is much cheaper than the Kama one and equally good. But I wished that the bigger bottle of this came with a spray nozzle.

Ma Earth Botanicals Hydrating Cream
Ma Earth Botanicals Hydrating Cream Ingredients
Ma Earth Botanicals Hydrating Cream Texture

Ma Earth Botanicals Hydrating Cream
Rs 1775 for the tub
Buy from HERE

This one too reminded much of the Eladi hydrating face cream from Kama Ayurveda. The texture is almost same even the fragrance. The cream is thick and you require a very little quantity to spread all over your face. It gets absorbed quickly and does not feel heavy my super oily skin. My face starts to oil up after around 2-3 hours if I am not in AC. If I am in AC, that does not happen. The cream is extremely hydrating, every time I have used it, the next morning I have woken up with skin which was never better, so healthy, hydrated and glowy. But I also woke up with a pimple. Something in this broke me out every time I used it. Only the scare of getting more pimple made me stop using it but otherwise the effect on my skin was spectacular. It will suit all skin types and if you are not prone to break you will love it for sure. The price also bothers me, its way too expensive. And if this breaks you out too then 1775 bucks would be a waste. I think the brand should have 5 ml trial packs for us to buy and try, don't you think ?

Ma Earth Botanical Rose Facial Scrub
Ma Earth Botanical Rose Facial Scrub Ingredients
Ma Earth Botanical Rose Facial Scrub Texture

Ma Earth Botanical Rose Facial Scrub
Rs 875 for the bigger size
Buy for HERE

Let me start by saying, I love this and this is the best facial scrub I have ever used in my entire life. And I am going to use this may be for the rest of my life. The day the package arrived, I was unboxing it and my husband was fiddling with his phone minding his own business and not paying any attention to what I was doing. I opened the scrub first, the immediate reaction my husband gave,

"What is the that ?"
Me : Why what happened?
"The stuff smells so good"
Me ( surprised ) : You can smell it all the way from there !!

We were sitting in our living room and it is a big hall. I was sitting at one end and he was at the other. That's how strong the fragrance is. But interestingly not overpowering at all, and will not give you any headache. Smells of roses, sweet sweet roses. The shower gel smells exactly like this.

The scrub is all natural and made of mostly all things edible. The texture is coarse but soft, will exfoliate your skin and remove dead cells but in ever so gentle way. A little goes a long way too. I wet my face and then take about a small tea spoon quantity, mix it with rose water to make a paste. I scrub with it in circular motion for about a minute and then leave it on and wait for it dry. Then wash off and hello fresh, gorgeous skin. It is removing my tan too. I have been so addicted to this that I have been using this every alternate day. I know that we should scrub only twice a week at max, but trust me this is so gentle and smells so good and results are so excellent that its very hard to resist. You should get this, I highly recommend this.

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  1. I love rose scented products. Will try the shower gel and scrub. And I agree with you, for a cream that's so expensive, they should have trial packs of smaller sizes.

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