5 Style Mantras to Stand Distinct In Designer Sarees

Monday, September 26, 2016

You know what is the best thing about ‘Sari’??? You don’t need to wear it in same old style every time. Besides you can make it look like totally different attire every time you walk out of your home and can steal the limelight. Tell me is it possible with any other outfit??? Think!! I don’t think so! No other attire has power to do this. But with sari or saree, everything is possible ladies. So what are you waiting for??? Take out your most fave saree from the closet and get ready to see a different you in the same attire.  What say??? I am sure you will have lot of excitement doing this fun task and who knows you may discover your own style. Super thrilled!?

Saree has strong potential to unveil the best in you. The elegance and charm of any women can be beautifully expressed in saree if it is properly draped. Sarees for women have always been a symbol of their resilience and individualism. Women are strong enough to let others follow their footprints. To express this ability of women to think independently and creatively, so many styles are created to wear a saree.
Here I am taking you to few. Pick your fave today and try it on!!!

Gujarati Style

Who can explain this style better than our ‘Jaya Behan’ from the popular TV show???
Everyone knows how sweet Gujarati guys are!? Not because they add sugar in almost every dish, but they are kind-hearted, soft-spoken folks. And so does their dressing style. Simply adorable!!!

Evergreen Bengali

Does this look needs any compliment to exhibit its majestic and stupendous appearance??? I don’t think so. Bengali style has always been in talks for its unique style and rich colours. They just take this whole saree thing to another level. You rock Bengali folks. And the amazing thing is that all these sarees are available online. So to buy women sarees online is just one click away. If you are a beginner and want to be a photo picked then you can buy online chiffon sarees, crepe sarees from IndiaRush.com and avail awesome offers and price ranges.

Marathi Mulgi

To be like this gorgeous bride, you don’t need to be necessarily Marathi. Just look at this beautiful bride in Marathi Nauvari saree style. This is simply a blend of richness and grace. These sarees for women magnify the beauty and charm of women.
Want to be this bride on your big day???

Rajasthani Chori

The princess is here! Rajasthan is a land of rituals, customs and their unique traditions. They just don’t forget to add their flavour in anything they do. Also, whenever you try to hack their saree style, don’t forget to add borla on forehead to justify the true Rajasthani look. Otherwise, you can hurt their feelings. Don’t trust me, ask your any Rajasthani friend.
I am sure they will add more to it ;)

Kerala Style

Blend of white and gold is the highlight of this style. This is on top of my fave list. I just love the fusion of these two magical colours. They create a unique spell on observer’s mind. Kanjeevaram and kasavu sarees are their intrinsic choice of women. And the best part is that everything is available online. So no more lazing around!!!

Don’t forget to tell me your pick!!!

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