Morphe Brushes Set 706 - 12 piece black and white travel set review

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Morphe brushes Set 706 - 12 piece black and white travel set

Morphe Brushes has been on my wish list since the day it was on every bloggers lips. I was more keen on purchasing brush sets rather than individual ones and this black and white suited my budget and requirements perfectly. I already have all the basic needs when it comes to makeup brushes from Real technique, but if you are a makeup addict like me, can a girl can never have too many brushes ? No right !

I purchased this one along with another set which I am going to share later, directly from Morphe Brushes website and shipped them to my friend's brother address in California. He was coming down to India, and he brought these along with him. Thanks to him, I saved a lot of cash on international shipping and that pain called custom duties. But I did need to pay ground shipping of $6.93 and state tax of $3.16.


There are total 12 brushes with a mix of synthetic and sable hair brushes, housed in a faux leather case. I love the ivory satiny finish of the brush body, looks quite elegant. I also love the cylindrical case too. The upper and lower part is joined by buttons in the middle and the company name is engraved in the body.


These set retail for $24.99 and always seem to be on sale. For more details about the set visit Morphe Website

Since the day I got them, I have been using them solely and truth be told, I have been using the eye shadow brushes mostly. I have already washed them 5 times and they have still managed to maintain their shape and luster. I did not notice any shedding. Though Morphe Brushes are much raved, but I am going to share my honest feedback on this set with you all.

Morphe brushes Set 706 - 12 piece black and white travel set

Flat Foundation Brush 6.5" (Bristles: Synthetic)
It's a basic flat foundation brush with very soft synthetic bristles. This I have barely used. I have only used this couple of times just to apply foundation on my face, for blending I used a different kabuki. I find it is difficult for me to blend foundation with a flat brush. A kabuki works well.

Powder Brush 6.5" (Bristles: Sable)
I was not very happy with the powder brush, it is made of sable hair, not evenly cut and not densely packed to my expectation. It also had specks of glue stuck on few bristles. It's a manufacturing issue for sure and I felt this brush was not well made. The bristles also felt a bit hard and poky compared to rest of the brushes. Though I did not face any major issue while setting my foundation with loose powder with this. But, still I prefer using my real technique's retractable kabuki more for applying powder.

Blush Brush 6.5" (Bristles: Sable)
The blush brush is also quite similar to the powder brush. There is again unevenness in the cut of the bristles, but much softer than the powder brush. It does blends blush well, but this is not a favorite of the lot either.

Detail Shadow Fluff 6.5" (Bristles: Sable)
The eyeshadow brushes are quite good. They are soft and blends shadows beautifully. I use this brush to blend crease color.

Blender Brush 6.5" (Bristles: Sable) , Blender Fluff 6.5" (Bristles: Sable)
Just enough fluff to blend. I use all the blender brushes to blend. Because you do need different brushes to blend different colours for that perfect eye look.

Angled Shadow Brush 6.5" (Bristles: Sable)
I love angular shape of this brush, it allows me to apply shadow on the outer V and also on the crease effortlessly.

Chubby Shadow Brush 6.5" (Bristles: Sable)
The brush is like a fatter version of the flat shadow fluff brush. Perfect to set eye shadow base with powder or a lighter shade.

Flat Shadow Fluff Brush 6.5" (Bristles: Sable)
This one is perfect to pack on colour all over you lid. This picks up those satin and shimmer shades well.

Concealer Brush 6.5" (Bristles: Synthetic)
The concealer brush is quite big, spot concealing cannot be done with this. But you can apply concealer in your problem areas. I find fingers are the best tool to blend concealers or a damp sponge.

Angle Liner Brush 6" (Bristles: Synthetic)
This is not thin enough to line eyeliner with. I use it mostly to fill in brows.

Lip Brush 6" (Bristles: Synthetic)
The brush is a bit bigger as compared to a regular lip brush. I mostly use this to apply inner corner highlight in my eyes. The bristles are not pointy enough to line my lips.

My final thoughts

I feel that the shadow brushes are excellent and blends shadows beautifully. And if you are keen on buying this, you should only get it for the shadow brushes. The powder and blush brush I did not like much and you can do without them if you already have some favorite ones handy. The foundation and concealer brushes are fine to apply product, but not to blend. The eyeliner and lip brush are also Okay-ish and you can make use of it for other purposes, not for the ones it is meant to be.

For the price it comes at, each of the brushes would cost you around $2 ( $24.99/12) which is quite affordable. And if you include the ground shipping and state tax, this would cost you $35.08 minimum. If I do the math making each brush cost around $3. Well, this is only if you have someone in USA to whim you can ship and that person bring the product to you in person when he/she visits. But if you are planning to ship to India, then with international shipping charges and custom duty in Indian Currency it would cost you a bomb. And it's not worth that much money. I know some Instagram stores are selling this set for 2999 INR which is also double the actual price.

I hope this post helps you in deciding if you want to get this or would want to skip it. But I am glad that I got to try these ones. I feel the individual brushes might be of better quality than the sets, as most renowned bloggers raves much more of them. I also feel that the synthetic ones might be much better than the sable ones.

Have you used any of Morphe brushes ? Do let me know your thoughts on them.

Morphe brushes Set 706 - 12 piece black and white travel set

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