How to ship products from USA to India

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Nikkietutorials just launched a limited edition palette in collaboration with Too faced, that's so pretty, so so must have, but no cannot have it. Why ? No shopping to India. The list of new and cool must have make up is endless and cannot get my hands on them, unless some friend residing is USA finally shows his/her true friendship to me by shipping them or bringing them when they pay a visit. That's such a long wait isn't it.

Till now I have been relying on social media stores and some of my friends, but recently I tried out something else on my purchase of Milani Cosmetics. It's an website called ShipoutfromUSA. Many of you bloggers, might know about this, but I am not so sure how many of you have tried their service. In this post I am going to review and share my experience with ShipoutfromUSA.

Just putting it out there for you all. I am not getting compensated in any way for writing this. I just want to share my honest feedback and experience with you all. Because I can feel your pain if you are a true makeup addict, who gotta have 'em all.

Now how this works

You register with them and provide all your details like address, contacts. The registration is free. They give you an USA and UK virtual address. Your address will kinda look like below. This address I think is their New York warehouse address which might be common for all.

You make your online purchase from US / UK brand and give the shipping address to this virtual address for the respective country. Make sure you give your SOFU-IND-1234-John Smith ID on the order details. I gave this name and the package reached my virtual address without any issue. I did not try without the ID, thinking that it might be a trouble for the team to sort package just in case there is another person with my name. What are the odds!

Once your order is placed, forward the email to the SOFU team, and also once the order is dispatched by the brand. SOFU team will track the package on your behalf on US ground. Once the package is received at your virtual address, they will email you. All communications are done via email. They do have an India help desk number where you can call if you have any doubts.

They will keep the package in the virtual address for 3 days and within that time you have to make your payments for shipping charges to India. In the payment page you will get to know if you have to customs and how much it would be. And you have to pre-pay the amount. There is no option for payment else but credit card. I wish they had other options, as I myself do not hold any credit cards. For my purchase I did not had to pay any customs. They gave 40% discount on the shipping charges and it was near to 850 INR total. Once the payment is done, they will ask you for your KYC ( know your customer ) and you have to provide them any two of scanned copy of either your voter ID, Adhaar card, Passport, Driver's license. Once all approved they will then dispatch your package to India.

The whole process took nearly a month. Milani Cosmetics took a lot of time to process my order and dispatch it and it took nearly 20 days for my package to reach my virtual address. But from SOFU, the package came to me within 7 days. I could track my package all along.

I had a very good, hassle free experience with them. There was never a feeling that my package is lost as it was tracked all through out. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning as it was a new thing I was trying out. The best way to shop I feel is you buy for a certain amount for which shipping within US is free. For Milani it was 25USD. Then you only have to pay shipping cost to India. I think they are giving this discount to everyone who is shipping to India, because I did not use any coupon code and I still got 40% off. My gut says that they might continue with the discount until they gain popularity. So now would be the time to get things on your wish list. It's not only makeup you can ship anything you like through them. They have everything detailed in their website.

I hope this was helpful to you. And Happy shopping guys :-)

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