Fab India wild rose moisturising body lotion review

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fab India wild rose moisturising body lotion review

Rose and Jasmine are my favorite scent when it comes to fragrances. I always tend to gravitate towards brands who are offering it. If you have read my previous posts then you know that recently I have been loving the wild rose range from Fab India. This is by far the best rose fragrance bath and body products that I have used till date. Today I am sharing with you the body lotion from the range.

Nourishing and rehydrating lotion with a lingering fragrance of wold rose. Regular use makes the skin soft and supple.

Fab India wild rose moisturising body lotion ingredients

About the ingredients

We cannot ignore dimethicone ( silicone ), it's just everywhere, even there in expensive skincare products ( Vichy and La Roche Posay) . Though this has not caused any harm to my skin, so I choose to ignore that the body lotion has it. What I do not like that it has parabens as preservatives.  Fab India has launched paraben free products like their Mogra and Mint body milk. I just wish Fab India re-formulate their existing products slowly to sulfate and paraben free category. Else but shea butter in the formula of this one, there is nothing more to praise about from the ingredients list.

Fab India wild rose moisturising body lotion packaging


Plastic transparent bottle with a pump dispenser

Texture colour and fragrance

Very lightweight quick absorbing formula. It is of pale pink colour. Smells of roses, smells really good but not as divinely as the body wash and the face wash. I expected this to be more fragrant so that the fragrance could last on me for hours.

Price: Rs 290 for 200 ml
Available at all Fab India stores and online

Fab India wild rose moisturising body lotion swatch


I was a little disappointed that it did not smell as good as the body wash. This has a subtle rose fragrance which I am not saying that its bad, but I was expecting this to be more intense. When I use this after using the body wash, the rose fragrance lingers on only for sometime. But when I use this all on its own, the fragrance of roses turns up into a sweet candy smell after sometime. After about half an hour or so, that also vanishes.

What I do like however is it's extremely light weight, watery texture. When I apply it my skin feels a bit slippery at first and then the products gets absorbs within seconds making my skin soft. This is perfect for summer and for high humidity regions where the sweat turns you into a sticky mess, if you sweat as badly as me. So a heavy lotion is just not for me. I need something very light on skin and yet hydrating for the day time. This is just that. However when I am in AC for the whole day, my skin does tends to feel a bit dry by the end of the day. I do take a bath after coming back from office and I reapply the lotion. I have been using this for more than a month now, and I can say that my skin does not look dry. I do have very dry skin on hands and feet, somehow this is just not enough to keep them moisturized. For that I use TBS spa wisdom hand and food butter at night before going to bed.

I am having a love hate relationship with this. I want my bath and body products to be extremely fragrant, my skincare products can be fragrant free. I am only going to re-purchase this if Fab India makes this more fragrant and also into a paraben free formula.

Fab India wild rose moisturising body lotion review

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  1. I like the sound of the formula. true wish they reformulate the existing ranges. Nice review :)

  2. i have tried it too and had a similar experience as u!

  3. I think I will give this one a miss and try something else from Fab India stable :)