Pure Suds Whimsicle hand made soap review

Monday, July 25, 2016

Pure Suds Whimsicle hand made soap review

Do you want to see something pretty and a work of art in a soap ? 
Then read on.

I was never much of a soap person, but handmade soaps like these got me hooked to them. I know some of them can be way too expensive but gosh, just look at it, how pretty is this soap. The swirl design on it is so beautiful, doesn't it looks like water marbled nail art ?

Pure Suds Whimsicle hand made soap review
Pure Suds Whimsicle hand made soap ingredients list

About the ingredients

Impressive, its just not coconut oil or olive oil which seems to be the main ingredients in most of the soaps. But this one has mango butter, kokum butter, shea butter, full fat milk along with rice bran oil and palm oil.
The butters aides to the moisturizing properties in a soap, rice bran oil too acts as a great moisturizing agent. Whereas the other oils makes the soap hard in nature so that it just does not melt away. All of these translates what to me ? The soap is not going to be drying, its not going to melt away like how earlier formula of Dove soap used to melt and lose its shape, remember ?

Pure Suds Whimsicle hand made soap review


Comes in a really pretty ivory card board box case with pretty motif designs.

Colour, texture and fragrance

Beige colored soap with marble designs made with blue, brown, white. When dry the soap feels very soft to touch. The texture is such that you would feel it would melt away when in contact with water. The fragrance, is just amazing. It has a floral scent mixed with aqua fragrance. The owner Bhavika told me that this has germanium oil in it. Whatever mix of essential oil this has, overall it smells really good and pleasant,

Price : 250 for 110 gm

Email them at : puresudssoapery@gmail.com
Message them at

Pure Suds Whimsicle hand made soap review

My experience 

Hands down I love the prettiness, the fragrance, so does rest of my family. They have never seen any hand made soap like this before and they were in awe and was literally praising the maker. The soap does looks expensive doesn't it ? The soap lathers well, when applied on wet skin, it forms slippery bubbles and form lathery foam when a loofah is used. The soap is very gentle, its not harsh on skin and caused no skin irritation to me.

It cleanses skin effectively, cleansing dirt, grime, sweat. And after a long humid day, bathing with this is really a treat. The fragrance of this is so relaxing and mood uplifting. The fragrance does linger on for sometime. I am really enjoy it. It does not make my skin feel dry compared to the Oud soap from Lass Naturals. On a very humid day, I sometimes skip moisturizer too. My husband has very very dry skin, he was complaining to me that it made his skin feel a bit dry. But normal to combination skin would not feel any such issues.

Now coming to the longevity of the soap. When I apply the soap it feels like lot of the soap has melted on my skin. I have noticed that the size of the soap reduced more than expected. This is not me, the rest of my family feels the same way. The soap was more than half over in just two weeks. I have been using twice daily and rest of my family has used it sparingly in between. This could be due to the butter contents of the soap, then again I do not know much of soap making. The good thing that the wet soap dries out quickly does not melt in the soap case and turn mushy. It retains its shape. I wish it had lasted me some more days.

Handmade soap does not come cheap, but they are always unique and a treat to try. I am enjoying the soap and would definitely try out other varieties that Pure Suds has to offer. And they do have some pretty amazing ones. This is something that I would recommend to a friend and gift to a friend.

Pure Suds Whimsicle hand made soap review

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