Pure Suds De-grease face gel for oily and acne prone skin review

Monday, July 04, 2016

Pure Suds De-grease face gel for oily and acne prone skin review

I have another product to share with you all from Pure Suds which is perfect for oily and acne prone skin. I have oily and acne prone extremely sensitive skin, hence in this blog you would find products which would be perfect for you if your skin belongs to that category. Incorporate gel based formula in your skin care and avoid cream based formulas all together to avoid clogging pores and eventually leading to acne.
Thumb rule to avoid acne is to keep your skin extremely clean and never to skip moisturizer. If your skin gets dehydrated, the sebaceous gland will produce more sebum to protect the skin hence leading to more oiliness and clogged pores.

Pure Suds De-grease face gel for oily and acne prone skin review
Pure Suds De-grease face gel for oily and acne prone skin review

About the product

Witch Hazel, Tea tree hydrosol, Lavender hydrosol, Glycerine, Calendula, Apple extract, Aloe vera extract, Papaya extract, Blackberry extract is beneficial to oily / acne prone skin.

About the key ingredients

Witch Hazel is an astringent and anti-oxidant which is extremely good for acne prone skin. Most of the toners available in the market including the TBS tea tree toner has witch hazel as its key ingredient. Both Tea tree hydrosol and Lavender hydrosol has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in calming skin and reducing redness. Calendula having anti-septic properties, this was extensively used during World War 1 to heal wounds. Extracts like apple, papaya are very rich in anti-oxidant and Vitamin C which helps in improving skin texture and removes dullness. Blackberry boosts collagen in skin, fighting skin ageing and wrinkles.

It's an impressive list of natural ingredients, isn't it.

Other ingredients 
Distilled water, Carbomer 940 ( gel maker)  & phenoxyethanol ( preservative to prevent product from going bad)

Direction to use
Use a thin layer on cleansed face Day/Night or any time as required. Can be used as a toner for all skin types to prevent acne.

Expiry date : Within 8 months of manufacturing date
Price : Rs 300 for 90 gms

Email them at : puresudssoapery@gmail.com
Message them at
: 09784591628

Made from biodegradable plant based ingredients

Pure Suds De-grease face gel for oily and acne prone skin review


Most of the lotions and potions I have noticed from this brand has similar packaging. Comes in a plastic tub with a golden screw cap with a sticker pasted covering the cap and the body having information about the product mentioned.

Texture and Fragrance

Very lightweight non sticky gel which smells really really good. Its almost similar to the Black out face gel pack that I am using. It's floral, yet citrusy. Its really hard to describe fragrance and colour. Overall, the fragrance is really refreshing. Sometimes I open the tub and just smell the product, its has a sense of aromatherapy properties.

Pure Suds De-grease face gel for oily and acne prone skin review

My experience

I take a pea sized quantity and message with my finger tips both morning and evening on cleansed face. This spreads easily with no heavy feeling on skin. If you touch your skin after application your skin would feel a bit tacky to touch. But within seconds that disappears as soon as the product seeps into the skin, then no sticky or tacky feeling whatsoever. It does feel very refreshing on skin, so I totally agree with their claim as this can be used as toner for all skin type. It does soothes and refreshes skin just like a toner does along with hydrating the skin as a bonus. For girls who uses facial oil and require a gel based moisturizer, this would be perfect for you.

With natural skin care, you have to give time, its not magic that you would see results overnight. Hence this needs patience too. If you have any active acne, on initial days of usage you would not notice any difference in your acne, it will not heal them over night. But it will give a soothing effect to painful acne. I am not sure if it will help banish acne all together. But I am sure is this will not break you out further, I did not get any additional breakout due to this, and I do have an extremely sensitive skin. If you do not have any acne problem, just an oily skin, then too you would like this for this calming and soothing effect on skin. My husband has normal skin and he loves it. Every time he shaves, it applies a bit of this all over. He is also enjoying its soothing feeling.

Handmade products are always a treat to try and this one is quite a nice one. A little goes a long way and a tub will last you for months. On this hot and humid summer, this is perfect for a day time moisturizer and for the night time, it pairs well with facial oils if you are using any. But for winters this would not be sufficient. Oily skinned girls, give this a try, it will not disappoint you.

Until next time, I will see you all in my next. 
Gosh!! half of the year is already over, in no time we would be planning for Christmas and New years eve. This year is just passing by with a blink of an eye.

*This product was gifted by brand. My views are honest and unbiased as always/

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