Review || Just Herbs Blemigel anti blemish gel

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Do you feel the urge to try each product from a brand, when few from them are your absolute holy grail. I am that girl, and Just herbs for me is that brand. I was introduced to this brand by Shayoni from Sweet and Bitter Blog long time ago when she recommended me to try their Silksplash. Till then there has been no turning back. Today I am going to share with you all about Blemigel, an anti blemish gel from Just Herbs.

The product is enriched with Indian madder root, though a controversial herb, but extensively used in herbal concoctions as an anti-inflammatory, astringent agent. The product also has fumittory, again known for its anti-inflammatory properties, also helping in removing skin blemishes.

~ Packaging ~
The product comes in a plastic transparent tub with a white lid and a golden crew lid.

~ Ingredients ~
Listed in the picture above. Not 100% natural, does has chemical components, but great that this is based on aloe. Last thing you want for an oily skin is heavy cream base. No parabens, no harsh chemicals.

~ Colour, Texture & Fragrance ~
Its a gel based product, pale greenish in colour. Though the picture is not doing any justice to it. It smells faintly of roses, a fragrance quite similar to other Just Herbs products.

Price : Rs 550 for 50gm
Get it from Just Herbs, Nykaa

~ My experience ~

I use a facial oil as part of my skin care routine. And as I have oily skin, I need a gel based moisturizer to go on top without feeling heavy on skin. I was using the Fair'e from Just Herbs, but when it was over, I thought of getting something else. The texture of both of these products are exactly the same. I have been using this for a month now. On a cleansed dry skin, the gel gets absorbed completely without any sticky feeling. When I use it on top of my facial oil, then too this gets absorbed in skin and helps in absorption of the facial oil too. It feels very cooling during application and gives a calming sensation to irritated skin. It did not cause any additional irritation. On its own, I have seen that during the summer it has excellent moisturizing capability, appropriate for oily/combination skin. Since I have troubled skin and also cystic acne issues, I did not notice this to do anything for it. It did not decrease the size of the acne, neither did it heal it to a great extent to make me happy. It did not stop the acne from popping out too. I continued to get acne on my cheeks. Good thing that this did not break me out from other part of my face. So this will not break you out for sure.
If you generally have good skin with a little blemish here and there, you might see good results from it. But if your skin is like mine, then this would not be of much beneficial to you. Nevertheless, it manages to keep the skin on my face which is not affected by acne, in good shape, healthy and supple. This is an excellent summer time moisturizing gel. I do choose to ignore its in-capabilities to do much for my cystic acne, as those needs big guns to handle it anyways. Even if you have acne skin, and if you are looking for a gel based moisturizer, this is a very good option.

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