Pure Suds handmade skin treats Black-out face gel pack Review

Friday, June 24, 2016

I am all into natural skincare, and handmade products have a special place in my heart. They have a personal touch, someone's labor of love and passion for all things natural. I came across one such brand call Pure Suds on my natural skin care hunt. Bhavna Doshi is the lovely lady behind this brand and she has curated some great all natural products. One such product is the Black out face gel pack.

About the product
Charcoal with the help of tea tree hydrosol, lavender water, glycerine & rose germanium essential oil helps fight acne / scars and maintain those with extremely oily skin.

About the key ingredients
Bamboo tree it self has anti bacterial, anti fungal properties. The brand uses activated bamboo charcoal in the formula, which has an impressive list of benefits to skin. To note a few, it absorbs excess oil, toxins, impurities like a magnet, being extremely beneficial for acne treatment. Nothing cleanses your skin naturally as good as activated bamboo charcoal.
Hydrosol basically is the steam distillate water of flowers, having much less concentration than the actual essential oil. Tea tree hydrosol has excellent anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti viral properties, much beneficial for acne.
Lavender water has all anti bacterial, anti fungal properties, along with being calming on skin and senses.
Rose germanium essential oil is helpful in treating acne and has great aroma therapy properties of calming the senses and even can cure anxiety and insomnia.

Other ingredients 
Distilled water, Carbomer 940 ( gel maker)  & phenoxyethanol ( preservative to prevent product from going bad)

Direction to use
Scoop a small amount using clean fingers or spoon and apply evenly over face / neck avoiding eye area. It is OK if you experience tingly warm sensation. Rinse with normal water after 7 minutes. Use 3 times a week.

Expiry date : Within 8 months of manufacturing date
Price : Rs 300 for 90 gms

Email them at : puresudssoapery@gmail.com
Message them at
: 09784591628

Made from biodegradable plant based ingredients


Comes in a plastic tub with a golden screw cap with a sticker pasted covering the cap and the body having information about the product mentioned.

Texture and Fragrance

Lightweight gel texture with very fine particles of activated bamboo charcoal, hence the black colour. Smells really good, a certain floral, preppery lemony fragrance which is absolutely divine. When the apply the mask, on the fragrance fills up my room and lingers on for quite some time.

My experience

 Most of the products do not come along with a spoon, so it is advisable to use clean fingers or a clean spoon to scoop out the desired quantity. Since this is an all natural handmade products and shelf life for this kind of products are usually very less, so make sure that you keep it as less contaminated as possible.
I cleanse my face with a gentle cleanser and then apply a layer of the gel face pack all over my face and neck. As soon as I apply, the areas around my mouth and nose starts to literally burn which almost makes my eyes teary. To test it further, I applied some on my husband's face, he did feel tingly warm sensation but not as severe as me. I have extremely sensitive skin, so if it's burning for me, probably it will not be so for you. I have noticed, I get burning sensation more when I wash my face with an exfoliating face wash before the application. However, the super tingly sensation does subside within a minute and then the face starts to feel extremely cool for another couple of minutes.Theories says that if it's tingling it means the active ingredients are working.

The direction say to keep the mask on for 7 minutes, as all the active ingredients stays active for that amount of time. But I have noticed that it takes around 10 minutes for the mask to set. It does not dry out like clay masks, hence your skin will not feel stretchy. I wash off with normal water and the results after that is nothing like ever before. My skin feels very clean, not a trace of oil, does not feel dry at all, and more importantly my skin looks very radiant. It deep cleanses my pores, making my pores look smaller after use. I do not get this clean feeling even after using my trusted face wash. I have used this for two weeks till now using thrice a week and I have not noticed any remarkable reduction of acne scars. But I do dab some on my painful cystic acne as spot treatment daily. I have noticed that on the acne, it does not burn, it some how feels cool and calms the acne.

Overall, I am really impressed with this product, and it's a great one for oily and acne prone skin at such an affordable price. The gel texture suits my oil skin, does not feel heavy and I am enjoying it's result. I hope that it will reduce my acne scars after continued usage. Definitely a keeper.

Remember this scary face of my from Instagram, that's me with this mask on.

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