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Saturday, June 18, 2016

There's so many e-commerce site which deals with makeup, skincare and all things girly, available in the Indian market. So when Team contacted me to check out their website, honestly I thought that this is going to just another of the lot.
But quite opposite to my assumption, this took me by surprise in a very impressive way. First of all you get everything from Skincare, Hair care, Bath & Body, Make Up, Fragrance, Sun & Travel, Intimacy, Shaving, Candles and Aromatherapy, Mom & Baby & Homecare, all at one place. You can find all about their details HERE

How does Aplava works

Now let me tell you why I am impressed.
Firstly, I love their attention to details and their ingenious way to know their customer and have their beauty personalized. In Step 1 when you create your beauty profile, they will ask you all beauty related concerns imaginable with pictures to help you understand your hair and skin better and answer the quiz better.

  • Your skin type. If its oily, then when it is more oily.
  • If you are acne prone, if so then what kind of acne you get.
  • If you have pigmentation issue, if so then what kind of pigmentation you have.
  • If you have wrinkle problems, if so then how much your skin is wrinkled
  • What your daily activities are like, and how much do you sweat
  • What is your skin tone, and which part of your body is more expose to sun
  • What type of hair you have, and if you have hair loss problems, dandruff and white hair
  • If you have any eye concerns like puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles

I mean these are some serious stuffs, I think Fab Bag has similar kind of questionnaire but not as detailed and thoughtfully curated as this one.

Secondly, their collection of international brands. They house brands like Butter London, Caprina, Deco Aro, Demeter, Eve snow, Gentlemen's tonic and many more including the best lip balms from Dr. Lipp. I have not spotted many of these brands in other e-commerce sites that I know of. We all beauty addicts know how painful it is to get products of well known International brands to India.

Most importantly, their authenticity of the products. They work directly with the manufactures / authorized distributors to procure the products and bring them to us straight from the brand. So there is so chance to being counterfeit. This is a great relief for a girl like me who does 90% of her shopping online.

My experience shopping with

The website is quite simple and easy to navigate, but it is quite slow and sometimes it just refuses to load. I hope they would take care of this in the future. I have noticed that they only display products which are in stock, if products are actually out of stock, there is no way to know about it. I had placed an order and everything from my order details, shipping details could be tracked from my profile / dashboard. They also mail and message you separately about your order details. Every time you purchase you earn points and these gets added to your profile account. You can redeem them next time you shop. I received my products in more than a week's time, a little late than usual. The customer care is very helpful, and they took care of situation promptly when I notified that my order was running a tad bit late. When the products arrived they were neatly bubble wrapped and packaged in Aplava printed box. Overall, I had a pleasant experience and I have already planned for my next purchase.

So here's what I got

Luxaderme deep moisturizing treatment hand hydration gloves : Rs 200
Luxaderme deep moisturizing treatment foot socks : Rs 250

Bottega di Lungavitta Balsamo Spray conditioner balm : Rs 590
Natural Bath pomegranate brown sugar body scrub : Rs 435

TVAM Henna - Pure natural henna : Rs 400

I am really impressed with their effort to make their customers happy. I even got a discount code along with my order for my next purchase. Currently, the website is running discounts for Father's day, so this would be the time to grab those international male grooming products for your father. They even have gifting options, and you can purchase gift cards as well. Overall, the website is great so do check them out.

Until next time,
Loads of love and kisses

*I was given a gift voucher to shop from and write about my experience*

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