May'16 Empties

Monday, June 06, 2016

I threw away few empty jars this weekend of which some are my staples and must buy every month, whereas others are a pass for me. Here's a list of what went in the bin.

Fab India herbal shampoo for daily use : This is my third empty bottle, proves how much I love it. Best sulfate free shampoo I have used till date which does not hurt my wallet

Studio west indulge delicate jasmine body scrub : Though rest of the products from this line from Studio west was really good with divinely smelling of jasmine. This scrub did not quite work for me. Only because I did not think the fragrance of this was not at par with the others. If you ignore that, then a decent scrub. I am going to skip re-purchasing it.

Vert rose and milk soap :  Texture is really nice, it does not dry out skin. It smells like Amul rose milk, not quite a hit with me. Somehow it did not give that relaxed and refreshing feeling.

Fab India rose water : A must have in my vanity, I never run out of it, there's always a back up.

L'Oreal youth code eye cream : It hydrated by under eye area quite well. That portion of my skin is extremely dry. No reduction of dark circles even after using it for months, hence after a point I got bored of it. I jumped to something else. Throwing away rest of the product as it has been lying around not used for quite some time.

Aroma magic orange oil : During summer I like to mix a drop of two of essential oil in my bath water. It is quite refreshing and the essential oil fragrance lingers on for quite some time. Lemon and orange being less expensive, I tend to use these more frequently. This one from Aroma magic gets the job done well.

Kama Ayurveda lavanya face mask : A great anti acne face mask. It cleanses, absorbs oil from face and makes skin fresh, tightens pores. I very much enjoyed using it.

Maybelline hyper matter liquid eye liner : At first when I tried this, I quite liked it. I am all about eye liner and I do have quite a few at hand. So I tend to switch between lines. One fine day I found this to be coagulated, clumped up for some unknown reason. It was not even a month since I purchased it. I really do not know what I deal with the formulation is. Any how, cannot use this anymore, throwing it away and not getting it again.

Maybelline Colossal eye liner in turquoise : Beautiful color, wore it to heart's content. But I want to try out some other brand now, so not re-purchasing this any time soon

Lotus color kick kajal : The best damn kajal out there, it's smudge proof, intensely black and amazing. Definitely getting another one.

Just Herbs Silksplash : No matter what I try, I always come back to this. My holy grail !!

Vert rose and chamomile shower smoothie : I am really digging this smoothie, shower cream concept, but not a fan of the fragrance at all. It smelled of detergent powder, not very pleasing. This is pricey, almost same as Forest essential one. But FE one is thousand times better. Not re-purchasing it.

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