Lass Naturals premium handmade bathing bar in Oud

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

After I tried the amazing oud (agarwood) based fragrances from Neesh Perfumes, I have got a new found love for this fragrance. They have a certain woody, musky aroma which I love. Today I am sharing with you a soap from #lassnaturals whose aromatic oud fragrance is something I have never come across in a soap before.
Truth be told, I was never a soap loving person since the day I got my hands on my first bottle of body wash. But even since I tried my first hand made soap, soaps are wiggling its way in my bath time necessities.

Comes in no fuss plastic transparent wrap with labels on its body.

Coconut oil, castor oil, rose water, cotton seed oil, sugar, oud fragrance oil, sodium hydroxide. No animal substitute is used. Made with 100% pure vegetable oil.

Rs 85 for 125 gm ( though in website it is mentioned as Rs 75)
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My experience

The only reason I used to stay away of soaps is due to the fact that they used to make my already dry body skin overly dry. But over time I have learnt that soaps which are made from moisturizing butters like shea butter, cocoa butter do not dry out your skin. When I looked that ingredients list of this, the first thing I noticed that the base is all oils. Major part being coconut oil which creates foam in soaps. Castor oil is used to stabilize lather, and cotton seed oil does provide some conditioning to skin, but not too much. So, I was expecting this to be a tad bit drying on skin.

The bar is black in colour, very unique in a soap, quite hard, does not melt away. But do keep the soap dry to sustain its longevity. The soap foams and cleans skin really well. With a loofah or a natural scrub, it develops into a frothy foam on skin. I stay in a region where the water is pretty hard so as I wash off, the soap ends up making scum on the bathroom floor. What I realized is, it behaves quite similar to any good quality store brought soaps. When the lather is washed off, my skin starts to feel a wee bit stretchy and dry. Honestly I was quite expecting this, so it did not come as a surprise to me. But thankfully it's not so drying that when you scratch your skin, it will make white marks. Hence you can not skip body lotion on any terms. Keeping all these aside, Oh! how much I love the fragrance, my whole family just adores it. They keep raving about it, its nothing like anything they have tried before. They are store brought soap users, so the dryness did not register to them. The woody, musky fragrance lingers on for quite some time and feels very refreshing and relaxing.

If you are someone who buys a lot of soaps for various purposes like bathing bar for the whole family, washing hands, guest bathrooms etc and your budget for soaps is within 100 bucks price range, then this is an excellent choice. The fragrance of oud is definitely going to be a hit with many people. But if you are looking for skincare and something to pamper yourself with, then this might not be it.

*PR Sample, Honest review*

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