Lass Naturals Neem and Basil soap free face wash review

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I like trying out different cleansers, all sulfate and paraben free offcourse. Not much do I expect from a cleanser rather than its ability to only clean my skin thoroughly without feeling dry. I do not think a face wash can get rid of your acne scars, neither can it do anything for your pigmentation. What it can do is not irritate your skin, eventually aiding in acne prevention to some extent. Today I am going to share my experience with the Neem and Basil face wash from #LassNaturals
This is 100% soap free mild foaming face wash instantly freshens up the face by removing dirt and cleansing pores. It eliminates acne causing bacteria, controls excess oil, tightens pores, prevents pimples, leaving your skin soothes and refreshed.

That's an impressive list of claims inst it ?

A little bit about the ingredients

Love the fact that it is based from rose water rather than distilled water which most of face washes are based of. ( even my all time favorite Silksplash from Just herbs) Rose water soothes skin.
Now Plantapon SF* is something new which I have seen for the first time in any face wash. A little research on google tells me that this surfactant is very mild, free of alkyl sulfates, betaine ( even Silksplash has it ), ethylene oxide and preservatives. Curated specially for the "free from" and "greener" trend in the beauty industry. It is in fact extremely gentle on sensitive skin but works effectively. All the below chemicals forms Plantapon SF
Sodium Cocoamphoacetate (and) Glycerin (and) Lauryl Glucoside (and) Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate (and) Sodium Lauryl Glucose Carboxylate
Plantapon SF goes hand in hand with Lamesoft PO 65*. This is used as a lipid layer enhancer. It is composed of coco glucoside derived from coconut and moisturizing glyceryl oleate derived from sunflower oil meaning it will retain the moisture of skin. Results ? The skin would not feel dry and stretchy after user.
It also have Dehyton KT, an foaming agent suitable for both hard and soft water, all of which are very very mild to skin.
Neem extract, aloe, basil extract, tea tree oil forming the herbal components, all being extremely beneficial for acne.
I did not spot any ingredients which made me raise by eye brow.

Regular tube packaging with flip open cap

Texture, color and Fragrance
Quite thick and need to be diluted with water in between palms really well to form a decent lather. It has a pale green colour and smelling exactly how neem and basil juice would smell.

Things to cheer for
100% vegetarian
100% natural active ingredients
Against animal testing
GMP certified
*ECOCERT certified natural ingredients

Price : Rs 115 for 100gm
Get it from HERE

My experience

Starting with the fragrance, as many of us I know love naturally fragrant products smelling of fruits or flowers etc. But something which smells completely of neem and basil is different and at first I did not quite get along with it. But in due course of time, the smell grew on me and it had stopped bothering me. I did not spot any added perfume in the ingredients list. Artificial fragrance can cause irritation to sensitive skin, so I ended up being completely Ok with leafy neem and basil scent.

Secondly, this does not lather or foam much. I splash water on my face, take a little amount a pea sized and rub in between my palms with a little water. It forms a very little frothy slippery foam. I message my face in circular motion and it does manage to remove my basic makeup like eye liners, regular mascara, eye shadows along with dirt and grime and cleanses face well. But, for heavy duty waterproof makeup and foundation, this alone is not sufficient. You have to remove them separately. Be careful not to get this inside your eyes, it will sting. I have noticed this requires a lot of water to wash off the product completely. I continue to splash water and message my face gently until my skin has stopped feeling slippery completely. Once pat dry, there is no feeling of dryness, my pore feels a wee bit taut, my skin is cleansed and refreshed and most importantly my skin feels soothed. It did not at all in no way irritated my over sensitive skin currently invaded with large painful cystic acne. This will suit all skin types specially sensitive skin.
This is truly one of the most mild face wash I have ever used. Some part of me thinks that it is milder than Just Herbs Silksplash too. I have been using this on and off along with Silksplash to compare, and I did not notice any con of this on its effect on my skin. The only thing which bothers me that you really have to wash a lot to get rid of the slippery feeling from skin. But at such an affordable price being sulfate free, paraben free and environment friendly, that is not much of a problem at all. This is a must try for acne prone sensitive skinned boys / girls.

*PR Sample, Honest review.

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