[ Guest Post ] How To Apply Smokey Eye Makeup For An Evening Party

Monday, June 13, 2016

Traditionally women in all eras have been known for using kohl inside and around their eyes to create the impression of “bigger eyes” that gave them a more sophisticated look.But in today’s modern era of fashion where the cosmetic and beauty giants have emerged with a variety of flattering products that are available in almostevery shade under the sun, a variety of smoldering eye makeup looks have created by using eyeliner stencils.

Like a classic diamond ring, a smokey eye makeup is a timeless staple. Many women find it difficult to create it but given the right tools, products and some practice you can perfect a smoky eye in no time. For an evening party, a plum smoky eye is a perfect option as it compliments Asian skin tones and black/brown eyes.

~ Step 1 ~ 

Once you have achieved a clean canvas with neatly shaped and tinted eyebrows, you will apply an eye primer over and below the lid as it helps make the shadows stay put and stops the smearing and creasing which can ruin your look.

~ Step 2 ~
Take a sticky note or a piece of tape and place it from the outer edge of your eye going towards the end of your brow which will help you create the perfect winged look. Now apply a base purple color (lightest of the three shades of purple) all over your lids with the help of an eye shadow brush.

~ Step 3 ~
Take a crease brush and apply a medium shade of purple in your crease in a C shape to create depth. Use an angled brush to use the same shade across your lower lash line. Take a clean blending brush and blend the two shades together to get rid of any harsh lines.

~ Step 4 ~
Now take a clean brush and sweep the darkest of the purple color from the outer edge of the eye to the outer portion of your crease, this step will add in the smokiness. In order to create more drama you can use a creamy black kohl pencil and use it in your upper and lower waterline. Add a thin layer of kohl on your upper lash line and with the help of a clean smudge brush spread the black color towards the outer edge of the eye to lock in a more dramatic look.

~ Step 5 ~
Take off the sticky notes and with the help of a clean blending brush blend out any harsh lines and smudge the colors together for a tidier look. (Tip: use a concealer to wipe out any mess you might have created below the eyes)

~ Step 6 ~ 
\Take a lighter shade and sweep it on your brow bone and in the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes pop and give you a more wide awake look

~ Step 7 ~
Curl your eye lashes and apply a thin layer of liquid eyeliner for a sharp look.

~ Step 8 ~
Use a generous amount of mascara on the upper and lower lashes for voluminous lashes.

~About the author~
Jennifer is a fashion stylist, lecturer and contributing editor of eye makeup brand. With a vast experience in beauty tools and accessories design, she turned into the creative side and has been named as one of the top fashion blogger. Mountain is in her heart - a passion for mountain climbing

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