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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

After a long time I have ordered the Fab Bag for the month of June and here it is. Lets see what came in it, what I like and what I do not like.

Two of the products made a remarkable first impression and I just fell in love with them with one time use. And on the other hand the other two turned out to be an absolute dud.

~ Skin Yoga Coffee Body Scrub ~
Full size : Rs 845/-
Gosh, I wanted to try Skin Yoga products for a long time now and it came in this month's Fab Bag ( one of the reason why I bought this month ). The scrub is pure coffee granules mixed with coconut oil and pure sesame oil and smells just divine. I used the scrub on my hands for once and I just fell in love with this. What I do not like is its zip lock packaging which do not seem to close. I have to transfer it in an air tight container so that the product do not go bad.

~ Karite Buerre Pure Shea Butter ~
Full size : Rs 499/-

Fab Bag has given a 20g sample which is quite enough for me to decide if I love it or hate. The verdict is, I love it from just one use. This is 100% natural shea butter from east Africa. I used it on my lips and elbows, and it made my skin so so soft. Much much better than the TBS lip butter that I use. My matte liquid lipsticks applied better on top of this. I love this product, and the full sized tub is definitely a keeper for the future.

~ Be A Bombshell Eye Shadow Crayon -  Scandalous ~
Full size : Rs 1200/-

I love the fact that we got to choose a Be a bombshell makeup product in this months bag and I chose this full sized eye shadow crayon. I am a sucker for eye shadows. It was supposed to be a black crayon with gold glitter, but in reality this is more of grey. The texture is very soft and applies well, and easy to blend. But, the longevity of this is making me shout Oh No !! a million times. It creased on my bare eye lids within 30 minutes. Can you believe it ? With primer and base too I do not think this will last very long may be for an hour or so. And on top of it, it is not that pigmented too. The full sized version is so not worth your money. Buy the ColorBar eye crayons instead. If you still want to try this particular one, then get this month's Fab Bag, it will cost you only Rs599/-. This product is definitely a dud for me

~ Lollipops Anticernes Concealer - Biscuit ~
Full size : Rs 800/-

When this came out of my Fab Bag it shocked me. Will tell you why just below. The concealer comes in a cute tube packaging with doe foot applicator. The shade is perfect for India skin, but the product is not. I applied with the applicator on my dark circles and pat it with my fingers to blend. The stuff just do not blend. It stays patchy on skin and most of it just stays on my finger. Did not like it at all, this is going to lie in the back of my cup board and probably would throw away when I am again doing cleaning up.

Now, let me tell you why the last product shocked me. I only ordered Fab Bag when I saw beauty bloggers getting ROC product in it. I so so wanted to try the ROC product as the full sized version is so expensive. But along came Polly in the form of Lollipops. It did made me sad that I did not get the product which other beauty bloggers were posting about. 

Ok, enough ranting, on a positive note I do love the current bag only because of the Skin Yoga body scrub and the Karite Buerre shea butter, that is worth spending the money on this month's bag.

Til next time,

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