Colourpop creme gel colour in Swerve - Is it worth the hefty Indian price tag?

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Recently I got couple of products from Colourpop, all procured from social media sellers in India. I have their eyeshadow, lippiestix, ultra satin, ultra matte and this cream gel eye liner. We do have to pay more than double the original price and when compared, it does burn a hole in the wallet. For instance this gel color eyeliner in pot is sold at 800 - 1000 INR in India whereas its just 6USD in US. The internet has rave review of this product. In this post, I am going to tell you if it's really worth all that INR.

Application tip ( as brand claims)

CRÉME GEL COLOUR • Precision of a liquid with the ease of a gel based formula. • Apply with a brush, we like a super fine, firm and synthetic angled brush. • Dip tip of the brush, coat both sides – be careful not to pick up too much product! • Work quickly, as the formula becomes transfer resistant once it dries. • Do NOT leave opened for long periods of time or it will dry out and you will be sad. Be sure to close the lid tightly after each use.

Comes in a glass pot with a white screw cap. Love the packaging. Disappointing that there is no brush applicator provided with the pot.

Color and Texture
Its matte black. I assume the texture is quite similar to any other gel eye liner. Here's why the assumption. There is no manufacturing date mentioned in the packaging. So I really do not know how old the product is. I got from social media seller and I have no clue if they were playing around with the product and kept it open in contact with air for longer duration. Because when it arrived, the texture felt dry to me and it also had cracks on the surface. You can see it in the pics below. But even if I assume that the product was untouched by the seller, if you happen to play around with it, this probably will dry out anyway. The brand does claim.
Do NOT leave opened for long periods of time or it will dry out and you will be sad. Be sure to close the lid tightly after each use.
Now how long in this long periods of time ?? humm !!

As noted earlier, it ranges from Rs 800 to Rs 1000 bucks from seller to seller.

My experience

The lack of brush applicator was a definite let down for me. The brand says on their page to use a firm angled eye liner brush. So for a newbie, honey you need to find yourself a proper brush applicator first. Because truly, this does not apply well with any other eyeliner brush that you might be having handy. I tried with a Vega eyeliner brush, the Maybelline and Loreal gel liner brush, none was able to pick up the already a bit dry product and apply it smoothly. I had difficult time to line my eyes when I usually can do my liner within seconds.
I have oily eyelid, when I applied on bare skin, the product applied patchy, crumbly and when I loaded up the brush with more product to layer and fix it, it just took off the previous layer. So to apply the product on bare skin with an oily eyelid, is not a good idea. Next, I brushed some translucent powder on my eyelid to absorb excess oil, and voila on dry eyelid, it was much easier to apply. But not smooth at all. You really have to load up the brush a lot to have a smooth application. When I tried to layer, it took off the previous layer again and became messy. This could be because the product was already dry or may be this is how the formula is. You can see from the pics below how crumbly and dry the liner looks. I tried to get as close up shot at possible with my humble point and shoot camera.
If you can manage to make a decent line with the dry product, it does sticks to your skin for about 5-6 hours and then starts to crumble off. I could spot flakes of it around my eye area by the end of the day. It gets removed easily with any oil or makeup remover. I wish I had not so dry product with me to test, but with the one I have, is a major disappointment for the price I paid. If you get not dried up product, if it does dry up, it will disappoint you majorly.

This is why I would not recommend you to get this

First, no brush applicator for the price it comes at in India. Buy Maybelline or L'oreal instead, they are much cheaper does not dry out that fast and they are really good.
The product dries out really fast, you have to apply at lightening speed for achieve that eyeliner on fleek look. If you are not a pro in that sector, then you will end up with messy liner.
You really need a lot of product on the brush to apply the liner smoothly, even if the brand claims on not to take more product. So it will be over in no time.
There is no mention of manufacturing date on the package, one cannot be sure when to throw it out, how long I can keep it hanging.

I would suggest you to get this only if you have someone staying in US who can get it for you. In that way you would be sure that you have comparatively fresh batch. If you buy from Indian social media seller, you can no way be sure when they procured it, how long the product has been lying around.

I wish I had bought some more Colourpop eye shadows instead of this. Those are definitely worth every penny.

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